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John McCain sent a letter to TSA Tuesday complaining of continuing TSA abuses of the elderly and handicapped at Phoenix airport including strip searching an 82 year old woman.  These incidents have been going on for three years and few improvements have been made.

This is in part a product of TSA’s disregard for the public they serve and excessive overreach by government seen not only at TSA but at NSA, IRS, DoJ and other government agencies. Perhaps this tragedy will lead to serious government reform and prevent further alienation between government and the people they supposedly serve.

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Not surprising, O's ho gets paid off.

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Huge irregularities in the Obama election but State didn't complain about that.

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@honestcomradeGo to TSA Scandals / TSA Worker Crimes.

I can post the  names and media sources for the 15 child sex crimes as a list here  if you doubt that this is true,

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@Yourkiddingright@BillFisherProve it. The fact that there were no attacks similar to 9/11 is not conditional on TSA. You are attempting to prove a negative is false logic. besides, they didn't grope children, strip search women and shove us into x-ray naked scanners between 2002 and late 2010 and there were no attacks then either, so how do you reason that dichotomy?

You can no more prove that TSA has prevented an attack than you can prove that my lucky rock hasn't been the reason. There have been no attacks on stadiums, shopping malls or other public events and TSA isn't at any of them.

The cockpit doors have been reinforced and passengers now know to take action. TSA's role is not drug and gun interdiction. Most of the guns confiscated were from people who had a license to carry the gun and were perfectly legal until they stepped into the security line. They posed no more threat than they do on the street or concourse and I for one don't want to spend $8 billion a year to pay perverts, pedophiles and criminals to search American citizens simply trying to attend a business meeting.

You are clearly a TSA employee or shill so I suggest you slither back under your rock and not try to spout your poorly reasoned propaganda in a forum frequented by intelligent and educated people. You are way over matched.

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 @honestcomrade  @BillFisher Located at under Master Lists. One includes story background and the other is a list of incidents and source links to original story.


Also GAO has a list of over 400 reported crimes by TSA screeners over the past 5 years.

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Out of the 600 million passengers screened annually, TSA receives calls from about 750,000 of them, TSA claims only 8 percent of those calls consist of complaints about TSA service but GAO estimates that the number of complaints is at least 400,000 when those made to airports, airlines and other venues are included.


What are the options when there is no complaint venue or means of recourse for abuses or crimes by screeners except through TSA? There are laws to protect citizens from abuses by police for a reason and the same standards should be applied to TSA.


Maybe TSA can explain how keeping a known pedophile, Thomas Harkin, working at Philadelphia airport six months after he was exposed is keeping our skies safe. Or how pulling the dress off of a 17 year old on a church trip and exposing her breasts to her classmates and everyone at the checkpoint is protecting her?


Maybe TSA will explain how having over a dozen screeners smuggling drugs and guns through our airports in the past 24 months is essential to airport security or why 103 TSA workers arrested in the last 24 months including 15 arrested for child sex crimes, 29 for theft, 12 for smuggling and one for murder is acceptable.


In October TSA screener, Paul Magnuson, was arrested for raping a young boy he was mentoring. An ABC sting operation in September resulted in the arrest of TSA screener Andy Ramirez who stole the iPad from an Orlando checkpoint. One week earlier, TSA screener at Ft. Lauderdale, Andrew Smeal, was arrested for child pornography. He had been hired by TSA a month before while he was under investigation by the FBI. Clearly TSA is not properly investigating employees.


There were no airline attacks between 2002 and 2010 and TSA didn’t grope children, strip search elderly women or take nude photos of people.. After eleven years TSA hasn’t caught one terrorist or even identified one legitimate attempt.


There have been no attacks on bridges, buildings, public events or shopping malls and TSA isn’t near any of those so their value at airports is doubtful at best.


TSA needs to be replaced with something that actually works before their corruption and incompetence results in a tragedy.

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Under Pistole’s policies, TSA screeners have been turned into child molesters. He admits that the pat downs involve direct contact with genitals and breasts of adults and children and we're just supposed to go along with his workers molesting our children. These searches meet the FBI definition of sexual assault and TSA admits to groping over 60,000 passengers every day.


TSA is just security theater and a jobs program for unemployable misfits and it’s creepy that this wholesale sexual assault on women and children is being sponsored by a government agency. It has become a haven for criminals and deviants. There have been a total of 91 TSA workers arrested in the last 16 months including 12 for child sex crimes, over 20 for theft from bags and even one for murder.


After sixty billion dollars over eight years they can't cite one success. In two separate GAO tests in 2011, TSA failed to detect weapons 70% of the time while allowing 60% of the freight in the cargo-hold to go unscreened. How does groping a child make us any safer when the bomb is in the hold?  TSA has done more damage to our liberty, way of life and morality than Al Qaeda could have ever hoped to do.


TSA is a less than useless and their lack of oversight and responsible management allow these crimes and abuses to continue to occur. Pistole has failed miserably and he and the agency need to be replaced with a sensible and effective system.


Pistole and those responsible for inflicting this travesty on America should be prosecuted for this travesty. 

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Given the recent reports of TSA strip searching women at JFK, which many NJ residents use, perhaps this legislation will fare better this session.

It isn't unreasonable to subject TSA screeners to the same restrictions and rules that apply to law enforcement officers who face much greater dangers in their daily routine than checking for cupcakes in jars.

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Passengers have a right to document abuses by overzealous and abusive screeners and this law would help provide some protections or at least the exposure of those abuses.

They are using faux police uniforms to aid them in doing to passengers searches what the new FBI definition describes as rape. TSA has proven unwilling and unable to adequately police it the conduct of its screeners and, like a rapist, has blamed the victim in even the most egregious assaults. They have been reciting the same tired lies of “treating all passengers with dignity, respect and courtesy” for the past year and the assaults have only become worse.

These ridiculous actions by rogue screeners demonstrate the lack of adequate hiring standards at TSA and do nothing to improve airline safety and documenting their excesses may help to initiate reforms.

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TSA Sex Crimes Since 12-1-10

DA charges Spring Creek TSA Screener with Lewdness & Child Molestation

The Elko County Sheriff’s Office was notified in July of possible sexual contact between David Ralph Anderson, 61, and a girl younger than 14. Anderson allegedly taught the victim about various sexual acts and had sexual contact in the form of touching each other’s genitals. Anderson, who is a TSA employee according to Elko County Jail records, is being held on $250,000 bail.

TSA employee accused of kidnap, assault

A TSA employee remained hospitalized today after being accused of kidnapping a young female in Atlanta, then taking her to his Hogansville residence and sexually assaulting her. Randall Scott King, whose age and street address were not given, abducted the woman Wednesday evening from a MARTA parking lot in southwest Atlanta, police said.

PHL TSA Screener Charged with Child Pornography

A passenger screener at Philadelphia International Airport is facing charges that he distributed more than 100 images of child pornography via Facebook, records show. Federal agents also allege that Transportation Safety Administration Officer Thomas Gordon Jr. of Philadelphia, who routinely searched airline passengers, uploaded explicit pictures of young girls to an Internet site on which he also posted a photograph of himself in his TSA uniform.

Orlando TSA agent arrested for molestation

A TSA agent has been arrested and charged with lewd and lascivious molestation of a minor after police say he tried to keep a girl as a sex slave. Police arrested 57-year-old Charles Bennett of Winter Garden on Friday. A 15-year-old girl was the one who reported him to police. According to reports from the Orange County Sheriff's Office and the Orange County Jail, the 15-year-old victim confided in her caregivers that Bennett had touched her inappropriately three years ago when she was 12. She says he also asked the young girl to be his "sex slave," an accusation investigators say Bennett admitted to in a written statement to police.

TSA Agent Arrested for Rape in Londonderry NH

A TSA employee who worked at Manchester Boston Regional Airport has been arrested on five counts of aggravated felonious sexual assault, according to police.

Police arrested Dwayne Valerio, 44, at his 192 Rockingham Road home on Friday, March 18, according to Lt. Robert Michaud. Police released few details on what led to his arrest, citing the alleged victim's age. "The victim is a juvenile," he said.

Logan employee accused of raping 14-year-old girl

A Transportation Security Administration worker at Logan International Airport is accused of assaulting a 14-year-old girl. Sean Shanahan, 45, of Winthrop is being held on $50,000 cash bail following his arraignment in East Boston District Court. He is charged with statutory rape, enticement of a child and indecent assault and battery on a person 14 or older.

RIC TSA Officer Bob Seashols Admits Plot to Post Porn on Christian Site

On April 10, Bob Seashols, a Coordination Center Officer for the Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) at the Richmond International Airport (RIC) and an administrator for Atheists United’s Facebook page, took part in a coordinated effort to populate pornographic images, extreme profanity, and sexually explicit anti-Christian hate-speech on the Facebook page of Ken Ham, an internationally known Christian ministry leader who serves as president of Answers in Genesis-U.S (AiG) and the popular Creation Museum, located near Cincinnati, Ohio.

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The scanner safety has been questioned by many academic and scientific groups and the images are far more graphic than TSA will admit. A lawsuit revealed that TSA has stored these images and TSA acknowledged this. So there are thousands of nude images of passengers being stored in computers without their knowledge. When the scanners were put into service in November TSA contended that the images were cartoonish and according to Blogger Bob at TSA could be on the cover of Readers Digest or shown to children. Just last week Denver TSA area director Pat Ahlstrom, speaking on the implementation of the privacy software said of the scans up until now "They were graphic, no doubt about it”. So the TSA story about these being "chalk outlines" was clearly a lie used to pacify travelers and conceal the fact they were really being electronically strip searched. TSA also minimizes the fact that this only applies to the L3 MMW scanners and is not available on the Rapi-Scan x-ray scanners, which will continue to produce the nude images for the foreseeable future. Nor is there any evidence that the naked image won’t still be available on the L3 machines using the existing software. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) challenged the validity of the TSA scanner tests and Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, who participated in the original testing, disputed TSA’s claim that they deemed these safe. NIST indicated that operators could be harmed by prolonged exposure to x-ray radiation and recommended anyone working near the scanners wear a dosimeter and be checked for radiation exposure. When AFGE requested that screeners be allowed to wear AFGE supplied dosimeters TSA refused to allow their use. It is a sad commentary on American morality when so many people are willing to allow a government agency to produce pornographic images of their children and expose them to radiation just to board a plane.

TSA Crimes & Abuses

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