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As a voice over artist with many years of radio advertising experience, my perception is a little different here, but echoes many of your thoughts. I do take issue with the word "we" in copy when the person saying "we" isn't part of the company and is recognizable. When a radio DJ voices a commercial it's a good rule to never have them say "we" for obvious reasons. This is a bit different because I really don't think Jimmy's voice is all that recognizable in this spot. Had I never come across this article, I wouldn't have given it another thought. What I would've taken issue with is the sound of the voice. As most of you know, the "guy/girl next door" sound for commercials is very much in trend and this is what they're going for here. But I don't think Jimmy was the best selection. He's got the "guy next door" tone but I think they could've done better to bring attention to their brand with a voice that has a more unique sound to it. Adam, I agree, why pay the premium for Fallon unless you're going to get him on-camera or in print? To me, his voice is just too bland. And I still stick with, unless you're an unfamiliar voice or name...never use copy that gives the impression the speaker has ties to the company.

3 years, 8 months ago on Maker’s Mark Hires Jimmy Fallon and #FAILS