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I read several articles - medical to foods not to use - about the disgusting way canola oil is made. Canola is a by-product of the oil industry. Yuck!! Since then, we've used vegetable, sesame, olive oils to bake and/or cook. We've not had canola oil in our kitchen in years!!! Be healthy, Shannon!!

11 months ago on Home


We've two public television stations in Tulsa. One has recently begun showing "Vegan Mashup." ...just finished watching the program. We're "almost" vegan; we've been vegetarians for over 25 years. Many of the recipes looked/sounded wonderful! As we're retired, and on Social Security -- the ingredients are cost prohibitive. Oh well, we thoroughly enjoyed watching the various cooks.

Best do some homework on canola oil. It's nasty stuff; we've not had it in our home for a decade or more.

12 months ago on Home