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It is generally journalistic decorum to never identify the sitting President of the United States. Never. Not on CNN, not ABC, not MSNBC, not Fox News, not local news, and not on ESPN. It's one of those things that is I understood was supposed to indicate respect for the office and for the American people, whom we assume should know who the President is. There was a time when this sort of thing was seen as beneath the office. (You can identify if the President isn't on screen, or a topic bar like "President Clinton sits down with Wolf Blitzer" but never as a on-camera identifier).Since this isn't the normal ESPN insert graphic look I suspect this was probably part of a feature or something and should've been caught ahead of time. Its understandable the PAs or APs that would put such a thing together wouldn't have much background in journalistic tradition, they are after all entry level, but there are enough people in the food chain to where this should've been caught, especially at ESPN where they tend to be very sensitive to what hits air.

So not only is it bad that this hit air (words spelled incorrectly are bad enough but especially a head of state), it broke ESPN's own standards.

1 year, 8 months ago on Screengrab Snafu: ESPN can't even get "Barack Obama" right