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let us pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

11 months ago on Ex Powell Aide: US Can Attack without UN Mandate


@SashaKaiHarris and if the whole Torah ended right there, it would be a conclusive that the world of plants and seeds and nuts and green things were all that were meant for humans

But the following "week", Noah is given the right to eat all the animals (save for "ever min hachai)

And then, when we get to the law part of Torah - explicitly applicable to Jews - there are dozens of laws which either specifically command the eating of meat or allow for it with varying restrictions - those which we still observe

 So. If you want to play vegetarian, go ahead. But don't claim to be doing it as part of a Jewish conscious - because your Jewish conscious is pretty selective

11 months ago on Haredi Leader: Wearing a Shtreimel Is Chilul Hashem


@DaveLobell as I said before
it's a mitzvah to dedicate a sefer torah

it's a far greater one to make sure that Torah is studied rather than locked away in the closet with a dozen others

11 months, 1 week ago on The Ultimate Revenge for Holocaust Survivor: New Torah Scroll