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Will Pau Gasol now be a Net? I don't doubt the possibility. 

Billy King has outdone Isiah Thomas in ruining a team's prospects for a half-decade or longer. I suspect he will double down on his genius plan and try to trade every single young asset available (Lopez, Plumlee) so that he can retain some hope of saving his job.

Whatever. Let's just go off and bide our time until Prokhorov finally wakes up from his indifferent billionaire's  slumber and fires Billy King. Then we can return when the glimmer of a decent future for the Nets can be seen on the horizon -- like, say, in 2020.

It must kill David Stern that America's largest media market has world-class morons like Billy King and James Dolan running its two franchises.

I predict that in the next CBA, the new NBA commish will try to insert some new set of rules to limit the damage that GMs like Billy King can inflict on their franchises (like strengthening the current limits on trading future first-round picks). 

12 months ago on Brook Lopez’s injury leaves Nets plans reeling


Wow. Awesome signing! And for $7 million under market value. Incredible!

And in unrelated news: Andrei's Kirlenko's Russian pop star wife Masha just inked a huge five-album deal with Mikhail Prokhorov's newly launched music label to be its sole recording artist.

Look away, David Stern and Adam Silver! Nothing to see here.

It's a good thing that the NBA doesn't monitor under-the-table exchanges if they're denominated in rubles. 

1 year, 5 months ago on Nets-AK47 deal is official


I was there in AC. Your points were spot on. The starters looked great together. The backups not so much. Mirza looked almost afraid to move in front of the 3-point line and try to hit a shot he could make that night. I believe the largest lead was 18, which the Nets' second unit blew. You could tell Avery was trying to assess the bench and test them in this game. All the starters were dressed in warmup gear in the fourth quarter as the second unit was blowing the lead. The starters were done for the night after the third quarter. Avery wanted to have that second unit prove that it could hold the lead, and once they failed to do that, he kept those same 5 players in the game to see if they could redeem themselves in overtime. Obviously, that would never happen in a real game. Avery was basically using the second half of this game as a teaching moment for his bench players.


Other than that, the team looked great in those black uniforms. The starters played off each other really well, and they carried themselves with a ton of confidence. This Brooklyn reboot is going to be a huge success. It felt like the franchise was reborn.

2 years, 2 months ago on Nets 108, Sixers 105: #WeTalkinBoutPreseason


Get out. Jay-Z's an owner of the Nets?! Why does nobody talk about this?

Jay needs to stop being so modest about his accomplishments.

2 years, 2 months ago on Jay-Z addresses ownership criticism (video)


Harden is very good player, but is a sixth man worth $15/year, moving into luxury tax territory and severely handicapping Presti's ability to add complementary pieces and round out a championship roster?


As great as James Harden is, I bet the Thunder could land Tyreke Evans, a similar player who'd probably re-sign for less, along with a skilled backup big man like Jason Thompson who'd help the team battle the Lakers' front court. Plus, a player like Thompson would be able to replace Perkins if he ever gets amnestied. (Perkins' contract is the only bloated one on the roster, but OKC will need him against Dwight Howard.)


If Tyreke Evans were in OKC, playing the same role as James Harden, with Durant and Westbrook keeping him in line, I bet you that Tyreke could win the Sixth Man of the Year award, too. After all, he was Rookie of the Year three years ago. He's got the talent. Only, given his diminshed market value, Tyreke would probably cost the Thunder $12-15 million less.

2 years, 3 months ago on Does a James Harden trade make sense?


Originally, I was pissed that the Dwight Howard deal never panned out for the Nets, and I blamed Billy King for it. But now, a small part of me is glad that the Laker deal happened, because it shows just how stupid the Magic organization is.


Each of the deals that the Nets offered over the past two years was way better than the steaming pile of dung that Orlando received for Howard. You can no longer blame the Nets for botching a Howard trade that could never be. Brooklyn was negotiating with the brain trust in Orlando.


It's hard to reason with an idiot. The mentally impaired have their own strange way of valuating the world.


It must suck to be a Magic fan.

2 years, 4 months ago on Are You Happy Now, Orlando?


I, too, would've rather seen the Nets host a cupcake team to kick off the Brooklyn era, but obviously, this is going to be a ratings winner for TNT and the NBA.


Even if the rest of the nation proves to be relatively uninterested in checking out Brooklyn's new team, the NY audience will definitely tune in. The marketing push and built-up hype will probably make it must-see-TV in the the tri-state area. Even casual viewers and non-sports fans will probably tune in to check out all the fuss about that basketball team that Jay-Z owns and their new arena in Brooklyn.


It's bad scheduling for us Nets fans, but a good move by the TV execs.

2 years, 4 months ago on Nets host Knicks for Barclays Opener


@Jafa Welcome, Jafa. I'm a Jersey boy who was a Knicks fan as a kid, (although I also rooted for the Nets secretly.) Eventually I grew up, moved to Manhattan (with a stint in Brooklyn), took in the world, matured, developed a mind along with an appreciation for reason and sound judgment, and consequently, made the switch to the Nets about a decade ago. I couldn't stand the idea of giving a cent to James Dolan, even if indirectly, as a television viewer. I figure, if I'm choosing to be a fan of a long-suffering team, then at least let it be one that wasn't enriching and empowering a total schmuck. When that whole sleazy Anucha Brown Sanders scandal came to light, I even felt vindicated for my switch. Since then, I haven't looked back. I'm proud to be a Nets fan. It's even kindled some Jersey pride in me, although they've ditched my home state. In a way, that makes the franchise even more "Jersey" in my eyes. (It's kind of like what I imagine being Canadian is like. You know you're not in the coolest place in the world. Your neighbor is much more glamorous than you. And yet you have pride, albeit a self-deprecating pride.) At least the Nets remain "bridge and tunnel" and unowned by James Dolan.

2 years, 5 months ago on Tweet of the Year Nomination: Kris Humphries


I know. As long as we're targeting old-timers, let's give Ben Wallace a spin, though I think Juwan Howard is more up B. King's alley.


I wish the Nets would go after Anthony Randolph. He could give us what Kris Humphries does, but probably for less money.

2 years, 5 months ago on Previewing the Brooklyn Nets depth chart


If only we weren't over the salary cap. Getting Elton Brand and Luis Scola off of the amnesty waiver wire for approx. $6 million combined would've been grand.

2 years, 5 months ago on Previewing the Brooklyn Nets depth chart


@scoon Ok, I didn't know that matching an offer sheet forecloses the ability to trade the player that year. I stand corrected. I get why Billy King made the first offer, though I question whether that's why he did it. (He just admitted at the press conference today that he didn't even know about the Jan. 15th date.) I have very little faith in Billy King's business acumen. And as for Brook's injury history, you misread what I meant. All I was saying is that for a guy who only played a few games this year, there's no way that Lopez would've held off on signing a long term deal to pursue unrestricted free agency. His agent would've never let him. That's the only threat that would've screwed over the Nets. Nonetheless, regarding the prerogatives of Brook's injury history, frankly, I think it would be the prerogative of any GM to be at least a little concerned about a 7-footer with screws in his foot for stress fractures, considering that his twin brother had the same injury, and it's similar to the ailments that cut Yao Ming's career short.

2 years, 5 months ago on NAS Poll Time: Pick Your Big Four


@scoon Yes, the market dictates value, but Billy King didn't let the market dictate Lopez's value. He just outright signed him to a max extension. Why would have the Nets been screwed if they let Charlotte or Portland make an offer? They'd have three days to match any offer sheet Brook signed. Were they afraid of some sort of backloaded deal? The Nets are already going to be one of the top luxury tax paying teams in the league for years to come. I believe the only way the Nets would've been screwed is if a miffed Brook didn't sign any offer sheet at all, played the year out, and allowed himself to become unrestricted next year. But that would've been highly unlikely for a guy with his injury history.

2 years, 5 months ago on NAS Poll Time: Pick Your Big Four


@KalCraig I agree with you. The Nets "big four" is probably better chemistry-wise, but (1) a team is made up of more than four guys, and right now, the Knicks have a deeper roster with more veteran leadership (Kidd, Camby) and (2) I assign the most responsibility for chemistry issues to the management and coaching. It took the Zen master Phil Jackson and GM Jerry West to get Shaq and Kobe to get along for a while. Getting Melo and Stat on the same page looks tough, but I bet someone tough and savvy, and with the franchise's full and unequivocal backing, like a Greg Popovich, could possibly do it. However, the Knicks don't have an owner who's likely to do that. To me, Jim Dolan comes off as a rich kid dork who feels grateful for getting to hang out with the cool players his daddy's company employs. I don't think he's the type to give full backing to a coach or executive unless it's that dreamy Rasputin-like figure, Isiah Thomas, who, for some reason, transfixes him so. While I'm no fan of Billy King, you can't deny that Prokhorov has given him a lot of rope and support. Sadly, I think Billy's using it to hang himself. Like a true, self-made businessman, Prokhorov delegated all responsibility to the man he hired, and, in time, if his GM's moves don't pan out as promised, I believe Prokhorov won't hesitate to drop the hammer and find someone better. But here's hoping that I'm wrong about Billy's moves. It all depends on whether Brook stays healthy, raises his game and lives up to his max contract. Still, King's handling of the entire Dwightmare over the past year and a half leaves a bitter taste. D12 is the only top-tier talent, probably the first in the entire history of the organization, who ever demanded--publicly, loudly, petulantly--to play with the Nets. And somehow, Billy King couldn't make it happen. Instead, he traded our lottery pick for the privilege to sign Crash for $40 mil. (Personally, I'd rather have Harrison Barnes at SF on the rookie scale.)

2 years, 5 months ago on NAS Poll Time: Pick Your Big Four


For the record, I voted for the Nets, naturally. But I'm biased. Nonetheless, it's pretty close in my opinion.


Deron and Melo are pretty much a wash in terms of being top-tier offensive players with the ability, if not the steadfast commitment, to play D.


Stoudemire is on the decline, but so is Joe Johnson. Who's declining more rapidly? I'd say Amare and his uninsured knees, but then again ... bias. Certainly, they're a wash in terms of their albatross contracts.


In the pivot, I give the edge to Tyson Chandler over Brook Lopez, because Chandler is, after all, the NBA Defensive Player of the Year, not to mention a member of Team USA. Yes, Brook can shoot, but I prefer my centers to clog the lanes and anchor the defense.


With Gerald Wallace, I have no idea what to expect. He's a former All-Star who was a defensive stud not so long ago, but now I'm not so sure if he's much better than league average, even though the Nets are paying him like an All-Star.


And with Jeremy Lin, you just don't know exactly what you're going to get, especially in a Mike Woodson offense. If he performs like he did at the height of Linsanity, but with a bit more seasoning and fewer turnovers, then the scales tip in the Knicks favor.


But for now, I'd take the Nets "Big Four" over the Knicks "Big Four" by a hair.


And if we're weighting that valuation by the salaries and expected future return of each team's "Big Four," I think the Knicks win by a hair, only because Lin will be earning less than Brook.

2 years, 5 months ago on NAS Poll Time: Pick Your Big Four


 @Devin Kharpertian  @Vin I'm honored that you even read my post. In any case, I might've been a little too harsh at tagging them as "first round playoff fodder." Truthfully, this squad could make the second round in the Eastern Conference. In the West, not likely. In any case, I don't think that anybody would call them serious title contenders.


I still feel that, if you're going to commit max money for several years on a core group of players, like Miami's Big Three, or the Spurs' original, unbranded Big Three, they ought to catapult you into that upper echelon the way that Boston's sudden infusion of KG and Ray Allen did for the Celtics in 2007. This is especially true now with the roster-limiting burden of the new luxury tax where spendthrift teams are forbidden from using the bi-annual exception and the higher mid-level exception, etc. It's a telling sign when a free spender like Mark Cuban is showing so much restraint.

2 years, 5 months ago on Nets Re-sign Brook Lopez


They should have let Portland or Charlotte make Brook an offer and then matched it, just like the Knicks with Jeremy Lin. Maybe Lopez wouldn't have received a max offer. Who knows for sure? At least let the market determine his worth. The Nets had all the leverage. But Billy King is horrible at using it. That's how he botched the Dwight Howard deal. The trade and signing of Crash killed all maneuverabilty. Billy King has absolutely no business sense whatsoever. Anybody can simply overpay for things. That doesn't make you a brilliant, or even competent, GM. The Nets "big four" isn't any better than the Knicks "big four" of Melo, Stat, Chandler and Lin. They're first round playoff fodder at best. I love the Nets, but that doesn't make me blind to reality. Billy King just Isiah Thomas'ed the team. Once the honeymoon in Brooklyn ends, the fans will grow tired and see. Losing while maintaining hope for the future (a high lottery pick) is better than being mired in mediocrity (albeit in the postseason) and having no future to look forward to (i.e. no chance at a championship). It's like the Nets are some lonely girl who's so desperate to be in a wedding that she's made a deal with the devil to only be a bridesmaid.

2 years, 5 months ago on Nets Re-sign Brook Lopez


"This was a desperate move, by a desperate franchise, desperately seeking some combination of excitement and relevance in their shiny new still-incomplete home. But desperate doesn’t necessarily mean bad."


Desperate doesn't necessarily mean bad? Yeah, sure, that's probably what the desperately starving survivors in the Donner Party told themselves when munching on a raw, dead baby.


And I'm sure that's what a hard-up, beer-goggled guys tells himself the morning after the nightclub when he wakes up next to a female petri dish, goes to the bathroom and starts pissing fire.


Here's an analogy: Billy King is to the Nets what Isiah Thomas was to the Knicks, only Isiah didn't have as onerous a salary cap.

2 years, 5 months ago on The multiple meanings of Joe Johnson and the Brooklyn Nets


Come on. Are you really going to unleash the snark and take a professional athlete to task for his lack of clarity and command over the English language?

You get what he's trying to say:

"I'm keeping my trap shut because I don't want to create a PR shitstorm like LeBron or DHoward until it's time."

2 years, 6 months ago on D-Will doesn't know if he'll re-sign, then knows, then his mom doesn't know


 @LCMT  @calling all toasters  @bfrank I agree. Billy King sucks. Look at his track record as a basketball executive. It's one thing to gamble on losing Derrick Favors for a year and a half of Deron Williams. It's completely another to lose a top-10 pick in a deep draft full of bigs for 30-year-old Gerald Wallace. He got played -- plain and simple.


This organization stinks of desperation. 


I can't wait 'til they use up all their cap space this summer to sign Steve Nash, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to major money and multiple years so that they can open Barclays Center with some fading superstars.


Either that, or watch them blow all their dough on the likes of Goran Dragic, Roy Hibbert and Ersan Ilyasova (whom I actually like but who'll soon be grossly overpaid).


This franchise sucks. The GM thinks and acts like a loser that all but thanks other NBA execs for the privilege of bending over for them.


The only thing to save the Nets would be a lucky bounce of the ping-pong balls.

2 years, 9 months ago on Ides 2012: The Worst Day in Nets History?


Billy King needs to hire a PI to dig up some major dirt on Otis Smith and force him to do a Dwight Howard deal pronto. Otherwise, Barclays Center is gonna be as crowded next year as it is now.

It'll suck if Deron Williams goes. It's his right to do so. But it'll suck. Especially if we see Derrick Favors filling up the box score in Utah.

2 years, 11 months ago on Deron Williams has options, may exercise them


The Nets should make some competitive offers to restricted free agents Marc Gasol and Marcus Thornton. If they can't snag one of those guys, they should see if they can get Rudy Gay or Luol Deng since the Bulls and Grizzlies will probably need to shed their hefty salaries in the future, especially if the Grizz pay a steep price to keep Gasol and the Bulls max out Derrick Rose. Brook Lopez is solid, a probable future All-Star. And the Nets are basically one player away from making it an attractive place for Dwight Howard and Deron Williams to sign. Once Derrick Rose gets his 30% of the cap, the Bulls salary situation is going to be ugly. They need to get some value for Deng or Boozer now before their contracts become unmovable. I only hope the Nets don't sign one of the unrestricted free agent stiffs that are available this year. Whoever pays a steep price to sign Nene or Tyson Chandler is really going to regret it.

3 years ago on Why Superman-ia Can't Resemble the Melo Drama


If we can re-sign Humphries for cheap, great. Otherwise, I think we should actively target Carl Landry and Mike Dunleavy as potentially cheap FA pickups at the forward positions. If we're going to commit a decent chunk of money long-term, I think we need a defensive stopper on the wings who can also provide some offensive punch, like Andrei Kirilenko or Thaddeus Young or, if he's somehow available in a trade, Andre Iguodala. With D-Will and Lopez (who hopefully can be flipped for Dwight Howard) as our primary guys, I think we just need to fill out the roster with some bargain supporting talent that could work as the third option on offense, that is, until we're able sign or trade for an elite player who would galvanize the fan base and entice D-Will to sign that extension. In my opinion, none of the players in free agency right now is going to convince Deron to sign on the dotted line.

3 years ago on Nets must spend around $15 million in 2011-12 free agency