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Apply Paretos Principle to this team: What is the 20% contributing to our successes, and what 20% are hampering us most?


Kessel, Bernier, Reilly, Bozak, JVR


Franson, Phaneuf (unless another minute-munching/ great defenceman is brought in to help shoulder the load - he'd play better without the C perhaps too), Reimer (too much drama).  The other two are debatable.... I'd say Orr and Raymond

Then the POINT would be not only to wipe out the bad seeds, but to then sacrifice some middle of the pack players (ie Lupul, Gunnarson, Kulemin, etc) and prospect/pick combo for some legit defense. Let Reilly and Gardiner develop alongside that, with or without Phaneuf. Phaneuf's a good player but its clear now he doesn't command as much respect as most captains from their teams

Then we just gotta hope Clarkson wakes up this summer

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As for defense:

PHANEUF - I am probably one of the remaining few to not hate on Phaneuf, but man its getting difficult. That slow, awkward attempt at catching the puck tonight on Simmonds' goal was mortifying. Last game, horrific. He's been pretty good for the majority of the season, but I can't help notice the correlation between how poor his game has been lately, and how the team has followed suit exactly... IF they miss the playoffs, they're going in the wrong direction, maybe the leader can be partially to blame here on this huge collapse.  I think he's expendable, to whoever wants him, but only when Reilly is old enough to take on the role or replaced in a trade

GUNNAR - I got some issues with Gunnar. But for his cap hit, and his familiarity with the team, I think he's worth keeping until better personnel is brought in on defence. He can stay.... for now

REILLY - Future captain. He stays.

GARDINER - Still very young, and pretty much the only bright spot at the end of this season. I think he has a bright future in the blue and white with his buddy there

RANGER - Can stay on the cheap for awhile but unless he really continues his recent upward trajectory going into training camp, not part of long term plans

FRANSON - big and sometimes good on PP but gotta go. Just too shitty defensively, and with 

Phaneuf/Reilly/Gardiner here his points can be replaced. Also maybe its just me but seems like he's got a weak attitude


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If I am Nonis....taking into account  past performance and trajectory based on this year and recent trends.....this is

how I see our roster going forward:

BERNIER - looks like we have a starter

KESSEL is a beast, he obviously stays. 

BOZAK is smart and nifty, 

JVR is big, fast, creative super high pedigree. All under 30 

....So far, so good

KADRI  is still young, has some grit and finesse which is a unique blend. He can stay for now, but if the right package came along in which we could get an Elite all around defensemen to replace Phaneuf or something, Kadri would be a great chip and I wouldn't hesitate

LUPUL is good but also often injured and I think his value right now is probably as high as its ever going to be. Was saying this in preseason. He's on a downward trajectory IMO, his body is older than his years. If possible to move him for a decent return, I do it

CLARKSON  nobodys going to take a sniff at him now, so we just have to cross our fingers and hope the NJ Clarkson finds his form in Toronto. I heard a sickening quote on the radio, it was from a scout who knows Clarkson or something -- said in NJ everyone could see he was a gritty, determined, focused on winning kind of guy. Now they can see he's a completely different person..... "waving at friends in the crowd" and shit like that.... one has to hope this year can be a mulligan given his suspension/injuries etc. All we can do is hope and see

KULEMIN  I love him. He's perfect for around 3mil or less.  One of the few Leafs I regularly see outmuscling his opponent. Him and KOMOROV in the bottom six is a nice punch. Goes without saying, Leo has an welcome mat and an open door to this teamso long as his demands are reasonable

RAYMOND   Thanks for all the goals but meh, see ya. Felt the same way about MacArthur and even he was a little grittier. Just too invisible, too often.

BOLLAND - People were saying "oh he won't be the same for a long while" after the tendon injury, and I agreed, but I think its fair to say he's looking pretty good again already. He threw several bone crunching hits in his first game back, scored tonight, coach always has kind words about him, just seems like an absolute gamer. Sign him


 Bodie, Orr, McLaren, Holland, Ashton, Reimer -- probably not part of the core going forward

3 weeks, 4 days ago on Game Review: Game #75, Flyers 4 vs. Leafs 2


@Waiting4LSC The question is, who replaces RC? I can only agree with his firing if the replacement is experienced, established and seems like a better fit.

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I look at the standings and can easily see the season ending just like that. Leafs are a wilodcard team

After four straight losses here they are due for a hot streak very soon

4 weeks ago on Leafs Notebook – March 24


@Anthony Petrielli @dlb ehat least joey crabb looked energetic out there lol

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A dark part of me almost wishes this team doesn't make the playoffs.... will inspire some change within the group and a wake up call

but my logical reasoning and faith-driven self hopes that they do squeeze in, build more character within the young core, and keep growin'

not making the playoffs after making them as a young team last year and adding a better goalie seems shameful

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@wiski is this actually Komorov? or a blogger lol - I dont even know

1 month ago on The Maple Leafs could sign Leo Komarov, but he can’t play this season


nice! at first I thought this article meant Komorov wouldn't be eligible for the 2014-15 season -- phew!

definitely wasn't expecting him to join us for a playoff run anyway

fingers crossed on a 1-2.5 mil dollar deal and return to blue glory

1 month ago on The Maple Leafs could sign Leo Komarov, but he can’t play this season


@wiski Gotta get bigger than Ukraiiine

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@Cameron19 dont get the vibe Jarome wouldve chosen the Leafs at that point

1 month, 1 week ago on Maple Leaf Hangout Ep. #24: Leafs vs. Capitals


@DeclanK Leafs and Tampa would be a cool series

1 month, 1 week ago on Maple Leaf Hangout Ep. #24: Leafs vs. Capitals


Should do these hangouts bi-weekly!  

Sure Im not alone

1 month, 1 week ago on Maple Leaf Hangout Ep. #24: Leafs vs. Capitals