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You got one thing right.

He could have become...

"the soundtrack of American soccer"

American soccer...not Europeann Football.

Get Jon Champion and the entire American soccer community will believe FOX is taking footy seriously.


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This year's LLWS was compelling television, and the stories of the success of the Urban Initiative were inspirational, but...

ESPN went off the chart massaging and codding the Phialdelphia and Chicago teams.

In fact, I defy anyone to look at the tapes of the US championship game and the final game and find one word of context, history, or praise for Las Vegas and South Korea.

It was non-existent.

Again, kudos to the inner city teams, but ESPN/ABC used their appearance for their own gain.

Using 12 year olds to "show we care" about the supposedly disadvantaged and disenfranchised was appalling.

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Supersport in South Africa has been kicking ass in this competition for years...

They're up to SuperSport 9 and some extra channels on top of those!

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A few comments based on the article and the above comments:

1) DirecTV maintains the PAC 12 wants one price for every subscriber nationwide., while the SEC asked for XX for subs in the states where SEC schools are, and a fraction of XX for subs in the other states.
Which makes more sense?

2) DirecTV had added incentive to make the SEC deal, as the entire ABC / Disney / ESPN agreement for all their 7,375 channels expires at the end of 2014. The Pac12 has no such leverage.

3) The AT&T / DirecTV marriage is at least 2 - 3 years away, so even mentioning that in this article is absurd.

4) We are seeing capitalism at its finest here. If you want to buy something, go to the provider who can sell it to you. Most hotel chains / stadiums, etc, are either Coke or Pepsi. What's the difference?

Condemning either the Pac12 or DirecTV here is a selfish waste of time.

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@joelucia @cmasia 

Hi Joe. Thanks for the reply.

I think the threat of a suit is simply that - a threat.

The hypocrisy of the whole affair is my ability to watch all those games blacked on EI if I use, now included in my EI subscription. I can even watch the TWC Dodger feeds online.

The picture on my JVC projector through a PS3 is just fine.

To add to the stupidity, the very commercials the RSN's are so anxious to protect are blacked out on

Why aren't the RSN's up in arms about that?

Also, if the A's decide not to televise an afternoon game from Kansas City, why should they care if I watch through EI on the KC channel? It makes no sense.

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Ooops, the distance between Yankee Stadium and Comerica Park is 619 miles, 52 miles greater than Vegas to AT&T park in SF.

Sorry about that.

But it doesn't change the argument.

Flip the switch!

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Here's the part of the blackout rule Manfred could fix with the flip of a switch, and I know my situation in Las Vegas is not unique.

6 teams claim Vegas as "home" territory. 

This is beyond stupid as the closest of the 6 is 275 miles away, while the farthest is 567 miles away.

Yup, I'll drive 18 hours round trip to see my "home team" Giants..

Even with Extra Innings, I miss the following on DirecTV:

All Dodger games, both feeds, except for national broadcasts. Opponent's feeds are blacked out.

All Giants games on their NBC over the air affiliate. Opponent's feeds are blacked out

All Angels, Padres, Diamondbacks, and A's games not televised by their RSN. Opponent's feeds are blacked out.

For you guys on the east coast, a bit of perspective. 567 miles is 80 miles greater than the distance between Yankee Stadium and Comerica Park. 

There are more than a handful of clubs between those 2 cities. 

Why should the west coast clubs claim that much territory when the east coast clubs cannot?

Manfred could flip that switch and cut each team's territory claims to 50 - 100 miles.

I know people in the midwest, particularly Iowa face this same situation.

Flip the switch, Rob, flip the damn switch!

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I was at the game yesterday.

It was the third out of the inning....

And Freeman didn't even give him the ball ! ! !

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Let's hope the SEC deal is done before the merger approval.

That merger is least 6 to 12 months away.

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I'm not an Ann Coulter fan, but it is surprising to see Matt, who always claims to have a sense of humor, and occasionally tries to write with one, miss the intended humor in AC's admittedly bombastic column.

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Fun article,,,

I think by the end of the World Cup the US audience will have another Brit favorite in Jon Champion.  Excellent game presentation, lets the game flow, and is not afraid to say what's on his mind.

And Daniel Mann is right up there as well.

Kudos to ESPN for knocking it out of the park with the talent they have assembled.

Especially considering it's their World Cup swan song for some time.

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@scottykruger @cmasia 

Hi Scotty. Thanks for the note.

I did read the link, as well as a few other stories regarding this transition.

The quote you cited still offers no illumination into WGNA's contract status with any of the teams they currently broadcast.

11 months ago on Conversation @


So, Ken, when will this go down?


Next season?

Next decade?

When contracts expire?

A bit of investigation might have uncovered the second most important part of this story.

But why bother when you can sit on the couch, link to another story, and then add a few paragraphs that add nothing...Maybe that's all part of your "unique perspective".

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You wrote:

"However, the refusal to pick up these networks could ease once AT&T takes the reins."


Surely, your logic cannot be the carriage agreements AT&T has with the SEC and Pac 12.


Why ? ? ?


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Late to the party on this article, but I've never understood why no one ever talks about another potentially lucrative window......................

...............................Tuesday night.

Tuesday is a total wasteland for sports once the World Series is over. And I have never heard the "NFL" and "Tuesday" in the same sentence.

Scheduling would even be easier on teams than the Thursday matches.

Tuesday Night Football would be the final game of the previous week's schedule.

Teams playing in that game would have 4 days off before their next Sunday game, compared to the 3 days off between Sunday - Thursday games.

Can someone come up with a hole in this plan?

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Hard to believe some people think this is a good article.

Dish made a bad business deal, and the author whines - I mean, seems to think - everyone else should follow suit??

Naive writing, very naive.

I understand the pain PAC12 fans feel, but DirecTV should never agree to buy what PAC12 is forcing on them.

1 year, 8 months ago on The Real Nonsense Between The Pac 12 And DirecTV Stalemate


Another "Sign of the Apocalypse".

I honestly had to check the calendar to see it's not April 1.

2 years, 2 months ago on Gus Johnson will be the voice of Fox's World Cup coverage | February | 2013


I hate to say this, but Feherty, who I really like, was announcing "live" while we saw the shot on delay.

If you go back another 90 seconds on the CBS feed, you see Hanson getting ready to putt on one, with a massive crowd noise building in the background.

When they went to Feherty, it was quiet.

CBS faced this issue multiple times today and they should be told to tell us when we are watching live and when we are watching on delay, even if it is 30 seconds.

Announcers having a chance to shape their commentary is an egregious "Awful Announcing" violation.

3 years ago on Video: Louis Oosthuizen's double eagle in the final round of the Masters | April


For the first 22 weeks of the seaon, all this means is 58 less games on MLB Extra Innings due to FOX owning those 3 hour windows.

Hey, Selig, wake up and fix this, you dinosaur!

3 years, 2 months ago on Your 2012 MLB on Fox schedule | February


I think Valentine is too condescending on the air, but if you think he's capable of saving the Red Sox, read this.

Murray Chass has written about baseball for over 50 years and was the lead baseball write for the New York Times for many years.

3 years, 5 months ago on Bobby Valentine May Be The Next Red Sox Manager | January


NHL - Pat Foley (wish DaleTallon was still with him)

MLB - Kuiper, Krukow - by 2, no 3, country miles

NFL - Nessler, Mayock

CFB - Mussberger, Herbstreit (Honorable mention - Dave Lamont )

EPL - Jon Champion, David Pleat

Rugby - Grant Nesbitt, Murray Mexted, although Mexted seems to have been relegated

Golf - Feherty

Boxing - Ian Darke, yes the same Ian Darke

NBA - haven't seen a game in 127 years

CBB - haven't seen a whole game in 126 years.

A comment about Mussberger and Herbstreit: It's not that I love them. But, they are one of the only teams who let the game breathe a bit and assume the viewer has some intelligence.. Most other announcing teams feel like they get paid by the word!

Happy Thanksgiving!

3 years, 5 months ago on Announcers We're Most Thankful For | November