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I run a rowing crew website blog ( and love your suggestions - I've experienced uncertainty training and always found larking around after training with my crew mates and having a cup of tea (we're British) togehter while talking "Rowing Bo**ocks" works pretty well.

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Hi Heather - you don't say how to find the Advanced Template Editor.  

I started with a blank newsflash... where do I go next to insert these images?

3 months, 3 weeks ago on Managing Images in Your Newsletter Template Just Got Easier


Does this automatically work in Newsletters compiled from feeds?  Or is it just raw RSS feed delivery?


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Chris - love the analogy with the federated solution vs nation state.  I'm watching closely.  [so chose to log in with G+ authorship to comment not my usual Livefyre account]

Why did you choose to lose the phone?

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A great checklist - I'm scared about the tattoos.... 

Content strategy has to hang off the buying process - what is needed at each stage of the decision process and how to persuade prospects to reveal their identity to the sales team in exchange for the information.

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 Danny thanks for sharing and researching this. 

We are  also seeing a rise in clients using video. And I'm glad that it is now acceptable to have " low production values". Because this makes it much more accessible to brands with small budgets. 

1 year, 8 months ago on Where Does Online Video Sit in Social Media for Marketers?


It seems essential that new employee inductions should cover public communications using social channels.  Many firms have adjusted their employment contracts to reflect "Who" owns a social media account (the company or the member of staff) and also appropriate behaviors online.  It should be natural that new staff members are educated and expected in time to join in.

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 @kenjlovesanj Let me help you out.  I promise that FeedBlitz can be explained. 

If you fix a time to skype with me, I'll see if I can guide you to the things you want / need done.


my skype is rebeccacaroe - just connect and lets fix a time.

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@ginidietrich @rebeccacaroe Clearly the 'always in beta' was taken too seriously.  Do you know when they launched this part of their service?

I am running a direct side-by-side test against Google Alerts and will let you know my findings next week.

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Interesting that the Google alerts website still has the 2012 copyright statement on the bottom of the page.  I'm sure this is a co-incidence - but it does show that nobody at Google is 'listening' or managing that service actively or they'd have noticed it!

2 years ago on Lots of Changes at Google: What it Means for You


Thanks for this post it PERFECTLY illustrates what I need for a blog post about brand authenticity and Dan Ariely's book Predictably Irrational when brands don't do the 'right' thing, they get undermined.

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Edward - slide 5 is the best of the lot!  View full screen so the photo caption doesn't obscure.

Let the kids drive the bus is so true... we're building an online sports coach education event online for a client and I think it may fail - but it may not.  And my anxieties about audience will probably prove un-founded after we've done a couple.  But challenge drives change and I am totally on board for finding new ways to communicate around passions [mine is the watersport rowing crew].


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An appeal, a plea to include a B2B case study.  This is an important part of marketing communications and deserves to be taught alongside the brands you mention.

How about

1. an online accounts package - launch strategies into the USA / Europe?

2. an electricity metering solution with deep analytics to enable time-of-day electricity pricing [target is electricity generating / selling organizations]

3. an RSS to email SaaS for message distribution - how to break into selling to corporates 

4. an analytics service for websites / brands who include social in their marcomms


I can get you introductions to all these brands if you'd like to add them to your list.

 @phollows @avinash @onzohq  @xero @phollows 

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Edward, never apologise for stating the facts as you see them!  Al is a big boy, I'm sure you aren't the first!


2 years, 4 months ago on Are marketers really going soft?


 @edwardboches Yes, the fine art of headline-writing continues its importance.

2 years, 4 months ago on Everything a brand needs to know, be and do in a few sentences


Thanks for doing the edit, Edward.  It's a great video.


My small take on this would be to add brevity as part of the brief to agencies and brands.

Why?  The transparency message is understood - but part of the opportunity to achieve cut-through to consumer consciousness is also the ability to communicate your message quickly.


I ran a training event last week

in which attendees said they would check how long a video was before watching it.  Nobody in the room would choose to watch anything longer than 3 minutes! 


A lesson for me

2 years, 5 months ago on Everything a brand needs to know, be and do in a few sentences


 @ExtremelyAvg want my team to do it for you?  

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I read the whole of your two blog posts and the threads relating to your switchover and noticed your RSS icon on the blog is still FeedBurner - shouldn't that be switched over to FeedBlitz too?


I also know that when you import emails to FeedBlitz email distribution it doesn't allow generic email addresses like info@ or admin@ so if Soulati has that type of address, the import wouldn't have worked.


PS I work part time for FeedBlitz - happy to help anyone else with migration issues.

2 years, 5 months ago on Feedblitz Revisited


Just a note that there's a follow up blog post from November on how FeedBlitz now works


2 years, 5 months ago on Subscription Set-Up Woes...Or How Feedblitz Almost Killed Me


Facts are:

1)       The counters are broken for everyone since about 9mp US eastern Sept 20th

2)       Feeds are still currently being served

3)       We don’t know whether this is temporary or not

4)       The awareness API is being shut down Oct 20th.

5)       If accurate stats are important, switch:

a.       Why:

b.      How:

c.       Results:

I work for FeedBlitz and would be pleased to help you move across.

2 years, 7 months ago on R.I.P. FeedBurner? Google Shuts Down API


There are so many opportunities for new business models for agencies and we're going to be seeing a heap of other offerings in years to come.  Good for them for getting paid for their vision.  


We're writing a blog post series on the "Creative Agency of the Future" and tagging it #FutureAgency - come in and have a read - tell us what you think the future will bring.


A blog about agency new business development

3 years ago on Why it was smart of Havas to buy Victors and Spoils


 @ramonbnuezjr The companies we see hiring either this person or a freelancer or an agency to fill this gap are mostly mid-sized brands who are getting frustrated by their agencies failing to a) collaborate b) advise them on new trends and c) willing to divert from the tried and tested path they've trodden for years.


TRUE STORY: my client's agency asked why they wanted and RSS feed on their website!  I was asked to write (for my client) a paragraph explaining why and also a paper setting out the features they should be asking for on the site.


FFS a GLOBAL top creative agency didn't know this would be a good idea for the brand?  

I dispair!

3 years, 1 month ago on The Hybrids are Coming: Evolution of the Prototype Marketer


Wow, thanks so much for mentioning this.... am in the middle of organising for a new project and this will come in handy

3 years, 5 months ago on Using Scrivener to Handle Big Writing Projects