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@mvbasten Gamesmenship is something you don't see much in sports these days but I see no problem with it. Like you said, Murray pulls this stuff all the time. He should really know better then to let the player on the other side of the net distract him. 

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 @mrn10sdave  @LadyM I judge players and athletes on how they play the game and act during play. 


Roger is truly great not only for his play but also his attitude. Never once have I seen him get rattled, pissed off or overly pumped up.


Tiger is great but has a very poor attitude on the course when he plays poorly.


I inspire to be more like Roger in my day to day life. He's a role model for me and such a pleasure to watch. 

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 @shripathikamath Jordan;s first retirement was right after his dad died in a horrible way. His mind was all over the place and he felt like he owed it to his dad to play baseball. 


As for the second time, it was purley money and the whole part ownership/player thing with the Wizards. 


The worst has been Brett Favre! 

2 years, 8 months ago on - News Headlines - Greats kept Federer inspired



Nice post! Despite how big Twitter is and can get when you have 2000+ followers tweeting 20+ times a day, it's all about condensing those followers into lists. This is a great way to remove a lot the clutter if you want to talk to a specific few people or about specific things.

I also like how you talk about building valuable relationships through Social Media and meeting people face to face. Recently I have been caught up in playing the numbers game. Instead my focus is going to be on trying to create an emotional connection with my followers and to build that relationship through more frequent interactions. The majority of which will be online but offline if it applies.

3 years, 3 months ago on How to Build Online Communities with Twitter Lists