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I think that awareness of Women's issues coming into play at races is extremely important. We (as a society) like to pretend that women are now magically paid equally and that childcare is now equally distributed among both parents. The reality is quite the opposite. I hate hearing the comment "maybe if I can pawn the kids off on the wife/girlfriend I can race/ride."


I believe that utter encouragement from both men and women racers, riders, and promoters needs to occur and be more of a priority for everyone. This can mean a discount for Women's Categories, equal race/lap times, equal payouts, and offering to sit the kiddos so she can warm up and race.

I can remember sitting in a field of over 100 women at a CX race last year and almost crying at how amazing it was. I also found myself thinking: "I cannot wait for a day when this is just normal". I ride with mostly women now and they are all amazing, fast, and challenging to ride with. I feel lucky.

Issues of gender in cycling in general need to be written about more. The problem with cycling articles on women, specific training, or femininity, is that they are written from the overarching dichotomy that plagues our culture.. Boy/Girl; Man/Woman; Feminine/Masculine and oh so straight. So many people in our communities identify outside of this or in between this. Where is their place?


3 years, 8 months ago on Women’s Wednesdays: The Women Of Cyclocross Speak Up