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I have quiet mixed feelings about Episode 1. I like the actionscenes and the dialog-scenes with Obi-Wan but i hate little anakin, he is just too cute for starwars. Episode 2 bugged me more. I hated the Love-Scenes between Anakin and Padme but the fightscene between Yoda and Dooku rescued it for me. Its the same for Episode 3. Much of the Dialog is just cheesy but the action is really good. But there were some scenes that really bugged me like when Windu and the other Jedis attack the Emporer and he just kills Kit Fisto, one of the mighties Jedi-Warriors that existed at that time, that seemed wrong for me. In the end Episode 1-3 are ok but i will never love them as much as the original trilogy. For the question how my kids will see them, i will first show them the original trilogy in the original form (i bought a VHS-Player and let it packed up just for that) and then Episode 1-3. Ok greetings from Germany

3 years, 2 months ago on Star Wars movie review - Part 2


The Internet has always been a grey-zone and i think it should stay that way. i mean there is nothing that is as big as the internet in this world. of course the government tries to control it but i think, as a rebell in mind, that the internet is the only free place left in this world where everyone can be whatever he wants and do nearly everything he wants. and the politics are trying to get in there with agumentations like they are only looking for criminals but in the end everyone is a suspect and they will try to know everything you do. when the internet gets even more overwatched i will go in seclusion and never leave my house again. i mean they already know where you buy your food or whatever, they now where you are if you are connected to a hotspot with your iphone or over gps, they know what you watch on youtube or what you are searching with google. big brother is already watching you and wants to see even more!!!! fight the internet-police.Greeting from germany.

3 years, 4 months ago on SOPA and Protect IP


I............................... cant even describe what i have just seen. this movie is so random. actually the turkish movies are pretty much bad in total but this one really probably the top of the hill when it comes to badness. i mean, how can you sell this stuff, wait how can you buy a movie like this. is it famous in turkey? i know from a friend whos from turkey that they really only have bad movies but this piece is so bad that it might be awesome again. anyway i now know what movie i will never watch. funny video anyway james. thanks for makin me laugh

3 years, 4 months ago on Turkish Star Wars


OMG i dont know that guy but he definitly did too many drugs in his life. ok his name is stoney so that says alot but how the hell can someone be so slow in mind :O.

3 years, 4 months ago on Cooking With Stoney (2001)