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Amen! And I will consider that, next time I publicly complain about a company or service. At a certain point, the person who's huffing and puffing and stomping their feet about a company or ad campaign can start to come off worse than the company they are complaining about.

I have actually gone on Twitter several times to comment about issues I was having with a company - but I always try to couch it in a "This is an issue I'm having with such and such service" tone, rather than "This company sucks!" approach.

And when the company responded and fixed the issue - I immediately tweeted about the fact that they did so.

3 years, 6 months ago on Brand Bullying: A Tale of Ragu and Social Media


@AmyMccTobin It's challenging being the social media voice for someone else, but not impossible. You could write up a list of tweets/updates for her to approve, and submit it to her weekly, or daily. She'd also have to agree to let you check messages and reply to people's posts, or it wouldn't be anywhere near as effective. It's just a question of whether she'd agree to give you this level of control, and whether it would prove cost effective for her.

3 years, 8 months ago on Gin and Topics: Latkes, Drugs, and Swear Words