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That is how documentation was for the previous version - woefully incomplete and intermixed with the previous (original?) release. How is it that the developer 300 were only grandfathered in under the "Business" plan and not the "Developer - Most Popular!" Plan?! Can someone please explain that to us?

1 year, 7 months ago on DMS Reviews & Roadmap


I am not a developer. I have no time for it anymore and my skills are way dated. I hired someone a two months ago to do the basic work. We are just about to start another round of development. Now you are telling me that I have to pay to have the work re-coded to work with the new product? Wow. Do you think you could alienate your customer base any more?

Please confirm either here or by email that I understand your position correctly:

1. You are discontinuing PL Pro and the older Framework products. 

2. You are introducing a replacement product (DMS).

3. You do not provide an automated path to migrate or upgrade sites developed on previous PL products. 

4. Users that invested hours, days, weeks of development in the Framework and PL Pro sites must now invest their own time and/or money to have their old sites re-engineered to play nice with the new DMS product. 

Assuming you respond in the affirmative... are you kidding me? I trust that you will not be billing any Pro accounts this month? You should be offering a three month refund to existing customers and support for those with migration issues. And that's just for starters. 

I'm not a lawyer but I do manage a law firm. I will be raising this with our team to review legal options. Any other users interested in learning about possible recourse can contact me at the following address: pagelines at bsociallaw dot com. 

Pagelines, if you would like to reach me directly please find our phone number at or use the email above.

Rory Phimister

1 year, 8 months ago on Coming back online…