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@MarkJenkins Obviously you either:

a) Don't agree with me

b) Thinks I am way off-topic.

c) Don't like with my tone.

In the first case, I am sure your reply does not address your objections.

In case of B: It may be the case as I did a very superficial reading as it looked to be very similar to one of those boring ACM/IEEE op-eds asking for more people on CS schools. Anyway, I absolutely abhor this kind of interference in an essentially free job market, as I have pointed, history has show us (as in the 90's bubbles) the dangers of such attitudes. And I also questioned, rather rabidly, the ulterior motives of the author.

In the case of C: it's your right to feel like that. I don't question it, but find your answer utterly useless and inept. If you think I am troll, well, don't feed the trolls!

Hope, as you cool off, for you to show in a more articulate way why I am wrong if you still care for it, of course. (not asking it to be civilized of course, as I find this king of politeness unnecessary and the death of debate, and gave the right to have not civilized answers as I tone up the anger some notches on my post).

3 years, 3 months ago on Also, Could coding be the next mass profession?


Yeah, sure!

Last time they did it on the 90's bubble we ended up with a never-ending stream of bad coders that lasts till today. Some of them have already migrated to management, and this is explain the power of fads in processess and methodologies.

And of course, this kind of idea always come from either:

a) Professors - Who want more power and money to their departments.

b) Clueless execs and managers that wanted to pay a salary as low as of the one for a non-unionized janitor for their coders.

More frequently than not, the most clueless execs/mgrs were once upon a time programmers, and now they resent the younger coders that do things that they can't do and can't understand.

I have a proposal for you geniuses: Let people choose what they want to do based on their personal inclinations. Stop fucking the marketing calling out loud for all the mercenaries out there that want to choose what they want to do for the rest of their lives based only on potential earnings. Live with the fact that you need to pay more for programmers when they are in high demand, because we have definitelly learned to live with the fact that you won't hesitate a single moment before giving our jobs to the first cheap fuck that seems to be able to do the same we do.

3 years, 3 months ago on Also, Could coding be the next mass profession?


@zideshowbob I wonder who protects German citizens' privacy from the government. Tracking in facebook is anonymous and probably used only on aggregate form. But what about the vast amounts of data on government's data base that is inherently individual, like tax returns, social security records and so on?

So, it's kind of hypocrite from the government, any government, to pretend to protect individuality by banning things like fan pages in facebook (opt-in last time I've checked) or the like button.

They could instead pass legislation to guarantee that facebook should have limits on this data usage, on the amount of personally identified data collected and so on.

To me, this is just an excuse to protect their local advertising industry. They are not concerned about privacy, they are concerned with local media outlets losing ad revenue to the likes of facebook or google.

The fact that the same people who are crying foul about privacy on facebook are uttermost silent on who at government is able to access private records, and about the limits of what can be done with this data is telling.

3 years, 8 months ago on Germany vs. Facebook: Like Button Declared Illegal, Sites Threatened With Fine