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Tested in the 3D classic version and no one work anymore... (Ok, it was a strange idea...)

3 years, 2 months ago on Kirby Glitches


Yes ! I love him too ! Did you know that Inspector gadget is French ? Did you listen the French intro ? And if you search on internet, you will see a drawing from the creator, Bruno Bianchi, of Dr Gang... Hum... sorry... Dr Claw. <Spoil> Okay, don't search, it's here : The translate of the text is : "This is like Bruno Bianchi imagine Dr Claw ! A mutant who look like a frog. But the doctor Claw can change into some other shape. He sometime a lady, an animal or a robot. He change every time he want as his fantasy, or, better, like the Bruno Bianchi's one... Or you own." </Spoil>

Bye !


3 years, 5 months ago on Inspector Gadget Review Part 2