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Fuck the sword I want that stone

3 years ago on AVGN: Swordquest


The architect of the castle was chaos himself

3 years ago on Castlevania Part 1


He only gets beat up because he gets his powers from playing crapy games and he hasn't played enough so he gets beat up

3 years ago on Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle


This is probaly the worst visualnovel I have ever seen
Even Bible Black is better and that would scar someone for life

3 years ago on Plumbers Don't Wear Ties


@Lman3000 la noris sounds like a Spanish game withe chuck noris.

3 years ago on Dick Tracy


I love the movie for some of it's darker morals compared to other Disney stuff (ex. You cant be everything you want to be) and on the new soundtrack has some good covers for the songs

3 years ago on Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas