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@armenta Finally! How long was that wait in the end?

1 day ago on Omega Aqua Terra Chronograph GMT Watch Hands-On


@D S Vilhena Of course you are correct that Cuba and Mexico are next to but not in South America. The implication is that these 6 watches are primarily for the South American (as well as Mexican) market. Thank you for allowing us to clarify.

1 day, 1 hour ago on Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane Revolución Watches For South America


@MID Thanks for the note. No good top 10 list is complete with at least some dissension. My philosophy is not to defend our selection but rather to explain it and address your thoughts. First of all, this year it wasn't ultra easy to come up with the list, and much of it is a combination of our suggestions about market appeal as well as our overall take away feelings from the watches. 

The Zenith is a good point. It is very simple and basic, but makes for a great pieces in the eco-system of today's Zenith watches. The finishing is wonderful and I think many people would be happy wit hit. Wild watches evoke more emotion, but aren't something we wear with as much frequency. 

The Seiko models were really great - but we didn't feel they merited a top 10 mention, maybe a top 20 mention. The Astron Chronograph is by all means a wonderful watch, but we still feel the value proposition needs to get a bit better before it hits its stride. There just isn't enough "design" there for a $1,000 plus quartz watch - even if the technology is fantastic. This is a statement that simply mirrors what the public does with their money. The Grand Seiko GMT Hi-Beat is lovely, but is more or less just a Hi-Beat version of an existing piece with a new dial design. 

As for the Tudor, that brings up an interesting point. What you are really paying for is the case and dial, and overall presentation - which is excellent. We love MKII watches here and will recommend them all day. However, they don't match the fit and finish, and quality of parts you'll find in a Tudor. How can they? Who else gets stuff from the best machinery to make watches in the world? 

In any event, I wanted to personally respond to your really great comments.

1 week, 6 days ago on Top 10 Watches Of Baselworld 2014


@Caesar_Sr We appreciate the feedback. The haste in which we must do videos on the spot sometimes means that we can't sit down for a moment and take in all the facts - so mistakes happen when you have approximately 3 minutes to do videos of four watches. I hope you agree that in the article itself we have remedied each of those issues  and delivered a true account of the facts and our opinions on the new watch.

3 weeks ago on Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 Ref. 116600 Watch For 2014 Hands-On


@Ulysses31 I just want you (and everyone) to know that I am a huge Ren & Stimpy fan. I have been since episode 1 back in the early 1990s, and I love John K's art style.

1 month ago on Glashutte Original PanoLunarTourbillon Watch Hands-On


@arieladamsisgay Well at least I know I have fans with people like this. My philosophy in the interest of open speech is to offer you a voice even in my own backyard. So by all means. "Endorse" is a pretty strong term which suggests I advise people to purchase or like something. I don't endorse too much, but I do find it interesting to review a diverse set of watches that are both from the larger brands and smaller independent ones. This is a blog to educate and empower which means I share things of interest and ask people to make their own opinions. If you don't like something that we discuss by all means share why and what you do like. That is the beauty of open discussion. We aren't trying to uniformly decree what people should or should not purchase. That is a very personal decision, and not one that I feel is our job to dictate. There are plenty of other media outlets in existence whose sole agenda is to promote a specific idea or way of thinking. Also, no need for a fanciful pseudonym, no one here is critical of those with opinions.

1 month ago on Sablier Grand Cru Watch Review


@lojolondon The lume shot of the Planet Ocean GMT has been added toward the end of the review.

1 month ago on Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Watch Review