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Good article, but I think you're sugar-coating it a bit.  I don't know of any influential staff at Blizzard right now that are Alliance fans.  Metzen and Samwise are clearly Horde biased.  Morhaime sports a Horde logo on his car.  Russel Brower is a die-hard Horde fanboy.  Blizzard openly endorses the Instance podcast, which is solidly pro-Horde, and runs the largest (Horde) guild in the game.  Ghostcrawler refuses to entertain the notion of upsetting Horde leveling zones, even as Alliance territory is overrun... it goes on and on.  Perhaps if they were to promote a visibly pro-Alliance employee who actually has some influence in the overall development of the lore, we could buy the "but they don't really MEAN it" line.  

But the fact is, it's perfectly OK for Blizzard employees to be openly pro-Horde, but they can't be openly pro-Alliance because they have to be "fair."  It's garbage, and it's a big reason why subs are dropping.

1 year, 8 months ago on HORDE BIAS! A Red Shirt Guy Editorial on the “Faction Bias” Arguments