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I think we must all see and agree that the present greatest threat to the United States and the people does not come by foreign nations, but by the "foreign" policies forced upon us through Congress and the Senate via unConstitutional laws from the ideological minds of unpatriotic socialist statist monopolizers in control of the "foreign" currency foisted upon us through the Federal Reserve Banksters.

Revolution is the solution; it worked for George Washington and it will work for US.

3 years, 4 months ago on "I love George Washington. Except for his Foreign Policy."


She's not breaking the law; she isn't engaging in commerce. This is hype and accomplishes nothing.

We the Sheeple are scattered and fragmented by the wolves, kept from UNITING in FORCE as ONE. They use division tactics in religion, politics, socio-economics, geographics, and any other method to keep US divided, bickering, fighting; anything to keep US from UNITING in FORCE. FORCE is the ONLY thing the WOLF understands; they use it effectively to keep the SHEEP terrorized and fearful and divided.

Want to change everything? UNITE! OCCUPY isn't getting it done! Voting is not going to do it! Appealing to the WOLF won't change it! Marching and singing songs is a waste of time.

Put aside religious differences, political differences, socio-economic differences, geographic differences, race, color or creed differences and UNITE as ONE FORCE against the status quo Democrat and Republicans, bankers, wealthy elite, socialist elitists statists, employers, big business, and anyone else dividing the sheep. Force is all they know, all they use and all they FEAR! So let's GIVE them some of their own BS right back in their faces!

3 years, 5 months ago on Message to the FDA: "I Drink Raw Milk. Arrest Me!"