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I run 42/34t and currently use a Salsa 42t (110 BCD) for outer ring.  It is not ramped or pinned but it does shift okay.  I plan on getting a Thorne Koksijde ring from Cyclocrossworld.  They are ramped and pinned and come in 42t thru 46t combos in both 110 BCD and 130 BCD.

2 years, 9 months ago on Mechanical Mondays: Single or Double Chainrings?


@nationalcxshouldbeharder Tim is right. Don't knock it until you've raced on it. I raced the regional event on Saturday and I have also watched the video. If I hadn't raced it I would have thought the same as you about the course. The video doesn't do justice to a lot of the features of the course. The long difficult false flat that leads to the first "kicker" looks just plain flat and the first steep climb is much steeper/harder than the video portrays. There is also a longish false flat at the top of the first steep section that doesn't appear right on the video.

I agree that more corners would be nice but even those corners out in the prairie area are trickier than what appears even on just plain dry frozen ground. Goofy radius's to the corners caught more than a few riders crashing in the pickers in my race. Some are slightly off camber and can be managed at high speed if done right. I was able to open and close some gaps on these "tame/lame" looking corners during my race.

I think the course has a really good mix. Some false flat power sections, some higher speed cornering, some tight twistier cornering near the start/finish area, some flat, some steep, longish stair run, some areas to recover, and some pavement.

3 years, 3 months ago on A Preview of the Nationals Course, from Snow-Covered Kickers to Icy Sand Pits – UPDATED: NEW Course Description, Video and Photos