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Hey Molly,

why are you so much negative-frustrated about women's racing? Why you never focus on actual improvement in women's cyclocross racing? I raced 3 seasons in New England in the 3-4 field and last year was much more positive, rewarding and the participation was also higher. Our series has been recognized for the first time, with a leader jersey and staging by series point vs no series, jersey and registration order for staging. Also, most of the promoters-officials agreed to give us 40 minutes of racing time and our start was before the cub-junior. Maybe you don't remember that there was often a 10-12 years old kid that was still in the holeshot area while we were all coming together and some women were stuck behind him. Gloucester, Providence and Northampton had more than 70 starters and we were 99 at G-star. Several local races in the Boston area had more than 40 starters.

I remember that after a race early in the season that the promoter Adam Myerson came to talk to the women and mentioned to us his interest in women cx racing and what we would like to have. Maybe a better communication between the promoter and the women racer can help? A lot of women would like to have a master field with a proper staging. I noticed that the stronger women in that field were getting yelled sandbagger by spectators or other women instead of acknowledgement of good performance and skill. Maybe it is time to have a cat 4 and cat 3 women field? What about the junior women? It is something rare.

Even if NECX improves a lot the racing experience for women in the intermediate category last season, there is more to do than complaints about lack of payout because the category 3 men has money. None of us are riding or racing for an income with the exception of the elite categories.

Please use your column to say something positive about women racing and thanks to give us attention in general!

3 years, 6 months ago on Women’s Wednesdays: The Women Of Cyclocross Speak Up