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@belllindsay  I'm stealing this from now on Lindsay.

1 year, 1 month ago on Conversions Work in Public Relations


Boutique agencies are the way forward.

Small agencies can attract the top talent because they have the freedom to pay what they want. Their salaries aren't dicatated by company structures, HR policies or shareholders.

Mentioning shareholders brings me on to another point. Any company that is publicly owned and not independent, has to pay a dividend. This dividend is cash that is not being used to pay staff. This means staff at bigger agencies are "overworked and under paid." while shareholders take home all the winnings.

Of course, independents might not necessarily pay that well all the time either but it is in their interest to be able to pay to retain the best. An owner manager won't think twice about dishing out a bonus to those that deserve it.

All this rubbish about big agencies being more to pay for systems and technologies is rubbish too. On a day to day basis there is very little technology that a PR person needs.

All in all, go Boutique. I've just launched my own

3 years, 8 months ago on Boutique PR Agency vs. Large PR Agency: The Pros and Cons