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I salud Menachem Begin the proud Jew, the dauntless hero, a decent man who feared G-D.   May Israel deserve to produce another leader in his like (no offense to our present leaders)

1 year, 7 months ago on Israel’s Jewish Prime Minister


Unless Kerry removes himself from being a third party at the peace negotiations’ table Netanyahu should withdraw Israel’s participation. Kerry has caught Netanyahu in his weak point, that of the fear of the political isolation of Israel should the U.S. turns its back on her. Netanyahu is finding himself to have to decide between appeasing Obama and thereby endanger the future of Israel by allowing the Arabs yet another attempt on Israel probably with the help of Iran, or take the risk of raising the ire of Obama who has been waitingfor such an opportunity to blame all that is happening in the M East squarely on Israel.But Obama cannot do whatever he wants and he has much to risk for his legacy if he indeed throws Israel under the bus. He has the Congress watching him closely and he may be found guilty for using Israel’s disobedience as a cover-up on his failed domestic and foreign policies. Let Kerry threaten as much as he wants but definitely not endanger the existence of Israel or having to be involved in a devastating war that may cripple the country to a halt.

1 year, 8 months ago on Welcome Back Hosni (Part 2)


Declaring that Israel is the best friend of the present U.S. administration and at the same time turning the pressure on Israel at full power with threats of isolating Israel is the typical double crossing. Dealing with enemies could be easier than with such friends.We are on a dangerous path that may lead us to surrender. Israel should not pay the cost of Obama’s failing foreign policy We have to stand strong and send Kerry and Obama a resounding NO. To achieve any meaningful results, sending hundreds of thousands of signatures in support of Ayelet’s letter will get the attention of media around the world.

1 year, 8 months ago on Jewish Home Knesset Chair to Kerry: You Are a Hypocrite