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@JoelTherien@PaulMottley: in fact Empower needs a auto responder and many of them go to Aweber but several highly successful and technically adept leaders have personally endorsed Pure Leverage as the auto responder of choice. Like Joel says - every internet marketer needs these tools and to buy them separately is very expensive.

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Let's make it simple. Who could believe that the Founders could have POSSIBLY meant, no matter how we try to prove it by their written words ....that they were advocating and implementing INCREASED controls by a Authority (federal govt)?

These, who fought and (many) died in order to remove the shackles of just such an 'authority'? It stretches belief to think so.

Their actions and lives prove that their every intent was to Unite the states by Federal power in order to present a united front to the rest of the world but in NO way become another 'monarchy' against either the individuals of a state or the states themselves.

The 'general welfare' clause has simply been lifted out of context (with history and common sense) in order that SOME might control the few with micro-management insanity. Their motive? Nothing more spectacular than a easier life, respect, power and wealth - by controlling the business and wealth of the people rather than protecting it. Which is their only justifiable purpose.

3 years, 4 months ago on On General Welfare