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This is great! I sent an email probably over a year ago requesting this...thanks HopStop for listening! Two years ago I was an exhausted new mother, wearing my baby in a sling everywhere despite bad back problems because there are just so few elevators in the subway stations, and the ones they do have are constantly going out of service. With my back issues, the prospect of carrying the combination of baby/stroller/big diaper bag would have been lethal. I felt like I was becoming more depressed just sitting at home all the time, but every time I tried to go anywhere, it was too exhausting and stressful. This will mean so much to so many parents. I hope you have the ability to take elevator status into consideration when proposing a route, much like you do with weekend service changes, for example? Thanks, HopStop, for making the MTA so much more usable. Don't know what I would have done without you these past five years, and now you've proven, once again, how indispensable you are. Any chance you could take over the MTA and run it?

3 years, 5 months ago on Find Stroller Friendly and Wheelchair Accessible Routes on HopStop