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I'd just like to express how utterly exhausting it is to listen to the low information pirate fans forecast unsubstantiated doom every single time they string a few losses together.  Let me re-emphasize something... there is NOTHING, statistical or otherwise, to portend that this team will win any fewer than 90 games this year.  Yes, Jeff Locke will continue to experience some negative regression.  But, even when you forecast that his final 8 starts will likely be a mixed bag somewhere in the neighborhood of an ERA of 4-ish, that does very little to sink the ship.  Yes, our run differential doesn't indicate a 100-win team; but, it most certainly supports a 90-win team.  Lost among the rabid pessimism is the fact that there is also scheduled to be some positive regression working in our favor over the rest of season.  Neil Walker and Garrett Jones are both sporting career high LD rates with BABIPs that are in no way commensurate.  Neil's positive regression looks to have already begun, and I would expect Garrett's to soon follow.  This will help to cushion the blow of Locke's likely negative regression.

1 year, 8 months ago on Long memories


@Jivepicnic @Bud1368 Wow, after reading these two comments, I think you should have to pass some type of basic baseball intelligence exam to be allowed to post comments...

1 year, 8 months ago on Game 118: Cardinals 4 Pirates 3