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This is an excellent assessment, and I'm surprised the Leafs still haven't addressed their problems with defensive-zone coverage and their transition game.  Basically the only time the Leafs have had much success with their systems is when their opposition is not a fast hard-forechecking team, or has their own problems defensively. 

I wonder how much blame to attribute to the coaches and how much to the players.  Whatever the coaching staff is trying to do, it is not working.  Part of the blame obviously rest with the players, and that in turn stems back to management and the GM.  Still one has to wonder why Carlyle and his staff continue to preach a system that is obviously not working every night.  I just don't see much evidence of the Leafs adjusting their play (or system) based on what their opposition is doing.  

I remember clearly during one of the 24/7 HBO shows hearing Babcock say to his players to keep pressuring the Leafs and that the Leafs couldn;t handle them down low.  

As you nicely put it.... "Blueliners looked confused and outmuscled. They’re late to pucks, lose races and beat in 50-50 battles."  The defence, if they do manage to win a puck chase/battle, predictably slide it up along the boards to the winger.  In most cases the opposition is already pressuring that winger and intercepts the pass or forces a turnover. 

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” - Albert Einstein

2 weeks, 6 days ago on The Maple Leafs Transition Game


Excellent Hangout session Michael and Michael.  Nice to have a guest such as Peter who is really up to speed on their team and can provide valuable insight.  Always wondered how much of the Capitals' success/failures to attribute to Oates, but it is clear Peter feels that much of the blame lie with coaching.  Wonder if they'd be worse or better off with Carlyle and his staff? *rhetorical question*

Was it me or did Peter's bulldog have his "game face" on??  Either that or he just got a bit tired of "hanging out", and wandered off.

Big game today for the Caps.  Hope the Leafs are up to the challenge.

1 month ago on Maple Leaf Hangout Ep. #24: Leafs vs. Capitals