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USGP in Louisville was great. Tons of people and industry there as well as a huge presence from Papa John's. It was a lot warmer and the big names were there. I have to admit that even I pretty much made it there in time for the race, worked pits, talked to a few industry contacts and then hit the road. The course can and has been extremely challenging. The temps are something that Louisville hasn't really had to contend with up to this point and I am sure there are a lot of "lessons learned".After our race I was waiting in line to powerwash bikes - everything was freezing up. Put Tilford's bike up there and started washing it for him and everything went dead. It's water and it's below freezing...I get it, but it was kind of a PITA. Having a World Champ waiting in line to wash his rig after his race...nevermind...I guess it WAS Tilford....All this said, I loved the racing and still had a ton of fun watching what I could. I can't wait for USGP events there next year as well as Elite Worlds. I am sure we'll be more than happy with what we show the world.

3 years, 3 months ago on Masters Worlds Rider Journal: Lee Waldman, Part III – Reflections, Feedback, and Recap


Trebon ( @ryantrebon ) passed my $1 up on Saturday on the way to victory...because - in his own words -" @therealpsimet I would have taken it if it was a $20!!!"

Yes - there is a bit of "OMG - they make no money" and then there's a bit of "tipping" for the show. We love these guys and gals and we see them almost as often as we see our own families. We bump into them in the parking lot and try to find ways to help out where we can.

For a couple of hours I get to see some of the best athletes in this sport slog around the course. I get to be inches away from them and cheer/heckle for them. Then I get to see their faces light up as they reach for a dollar, or $5 or $20 (Yeah, Hartley!), or watch them crack a smile when a good heckle lands and is heard.

As an industry business owner, team owner, sponsor, multi-event promoter, "racer" (OK I ride with a number on), and enthusiast for this sport I make no apologies. In fact I feel sorry for those that don't get to race in front of people like us.

"Hey got something right 'heeeeeerrrrrreeee'!!!!!!!!!!!!"

3 years, 6 months ago on Belgian Cyclocrossers Wowed by American Dollars in Cyclocross


A great trick that I learned a while back that has greatly eased final installation is that right before you put your last coat on the rim - take the tire and put it on a spare rim, pump it up to full pressure and then let the air back out and remove it. This "Re-stretches" the tubular with the dried glue base tape and makes easy installation and line-up a cinch.

3 years, 8 months ago on Mechanical Mondays: Gluing Tubulars