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@EvanHotham @6thSens I'm guessing most of Greening's deal is UFA years, even if he is an RFA right now

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You can focus on all the things Borocop isn't - a high end playmaker or a posession guy.  But he has a lot of value as a truculent shutdown defensemen - certainly more than his contract extension.  It's a great deal for the Sens - they're buying three years of a bigger cap higher cap at a very reasonable number.  The ONLY downside is his recent history of 'neck' problems resulting from overuse and fighting bigger and more seasoned goons.  Borocop is the type of player every team needs in April.

Even with superior puck skills, Weircoch is maybe average for the role of an offensive defensemen.  When you consider he doesn't have the strength to excel in high traffic areas like net-front or corner puck battles, he probably gives up as many opportunities as he creates.  For this reason alone, I think the Senators have to consider upgrading that slot.  

Consider also that Borocop is comfortable playing within his limits - almost always making the simple effective way instead of gambling on the fancy one.  Watching this was a breath of fresh air last year.  His skating and skills have have improved much since he was drafted, so I'm eagre to see him play a season and try to find a niche.

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sadder to see dennis potvin go than jason spezza.  he was perhaps the only reason i watched many games on tv this past season

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Can't say I agree with Dorions assertion "our defense can't be as bad as last year".  Maybe Legwand is a better defender than Spezza, but only change I see in defense is Borocop playing on the third pairing.  Perhaps there's a trade still in the works..

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His speed will keep him with the big club - he was all over the ice last year wherever the puck was.  Looked like he had a good release and a decent shot, just needs to improve big league hockey sense.  Stone is the cerebral playmaking power forward that would be a perfect complement on paper.

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You completely overlooked the $3 million budget savings of the trade (and the $6 million in cap relief) the Spezza trade brought Ottawa.  They can milk that flexibility talk all year long.  And the discipline to say not to cap killing contracts of Erik Cole and Alex Goligoski coming back - you can't teach that type of GMing

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it's like an auction in a dull market.. you manufacture interest building up to it by advertising a low price, saying the player wants a change of scenery and telling teams who are on no-trade list that spezza will probably relent if the right deal is on the table.  even conceding that you don't expect to get "fair" value in return.

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You sound like you're writing about an ex girlfriend that couldn't do anything right for you.  

Decision making has been fairly good.  MacArthur one of the best values for FA pickups, Hemsky most productive post deadline and cheapest of big names to acquire.  Greening and Cowen extensions weren't an option - especially since both had low value at time of extension but good upside with both as big players would could skate. Cost to acquire Hemsky will likely be realized with the value he added to Jason Spezza in trade after a strong stretch run. 

As to scrooge label for Melnyk, why should he spend millions on mediocre players.  When the right players are on the table, he'll pony up like any of the 30 other GMs in the league..  The better Sens play, the better the calibre of player will want to join in trade or FA at market rates.  Right now, there are a lot of shitbag players with high price tags that other shitbag agents and GM's are dying to unload, not any better than the Sens players you keep shitting on.

Hemsky was fun to watch.  But he's far from a consistent game breaker and he obviously wants to choose his destination after suffering through loses and injuries in Edmonton for a decade. There's no point to overpaying to change his mindset.  He will sign at a lower price with a contender that has enforcers like Boston.  Smarter to build a destination internally.

I would have made same decision with Alfie.  It is time to pass the torch and shake things up on top skill forwards.   Spezza-Alfie-wildcard isn't going deep and he was first to go.

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Ottawa was a two foot putt for a lot of opponents - a chance to use backup goalies, let a few goals in at the start to set up come back wins and dress truculent players to use Spezza and Karlsson as punching bags.

Aside from the character bullshit, the only internal growth I saw was from Turris and Stone. Both look like solid blocks for a long time. Stone looked like he was playing the exact role Bobby Ryan was brought in for. To a lesser extent, Hoffman's speed looks like a critical tool that was sorely missing and hopefully his game will keep growing with experience.

The brilliant power plays of Hemsky, Micahlek and Spezza in the last 5 games sound like a flash in the pan with all the changes being hinted at. I hope the short time they were together has convinced management of the importance of having a full complement of top 6 forwards.

Injuries were a bigger part of this year than last year to me. Karlsson, Ryan, Spezza, Michalek and Cowen looked like they were playing lesser roles battling confidence in their bodies through injury. Any small improvements in this group should net noticeable gains next year. To me, this is probably the most important off season of the decade - a chance to build on and tweak a promising young core or implode under external pressures of fans, media and a meddling owner.

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Murray probably opened the doors at the deadline on what is now a 6-12 month process of trading a top player. I think he's accomplished everything he can in Ottawa.

Considering they paid for goals, upside and RFA years in the Bobby Ryan trade, they'd have to settle for much less value today.  So much so that it's probably just worth keeping him through his contract and re-evaluating then.  

Hemsky to me is a much more interesting piece.  He's resuscitated Michalek and Spezza with a good blend of speed and playmaking.  I would guess his play has put a lot more pressure on management to decide if he can reproduce that success with other linemates in Ottawa.  It may just be a flash in the UFA pan like Alex Semin, but at the very least he's made both his linemates more valuable pieces for offseason activity.

4 months, 3 weeks ago on Conversation @

I hope he actually has a source in the organization rather than a stream of random thoughts taken from the fan threads on SSS.   Melnyk's been cookin' with gas all year.

5 months, 2 weeks ago on TSN's Brent Wallace Gets Candid On 'In The Box'


@Nichols6thSens @sensuries  "He is however not a particularly dynamic defenseman and can at times be a liability in his own end. Though mobile he lacks quickness. Also, his gap control is not particularly good either."

5 months, 3 weeks ago on Deadline Day Was Anything But Dead

Moving petersen also opens up opportunities for offensive winger prospects in bingo with a beefed up back end. HF's profile of Grant was the first time I've seen anything negative or any scouting opinion on a player there

5 months, 3 weeks ago on Deadline Day Was Anything But Dead


I think Murray sold high on Jakob Silfverberg and Stefan Noesen.

6 months, 3 weeks ago on Bryan Murray Speaks on Hockey Central - Talks Trade


This comment belongs on every rumor article.  I suspect NHL types who read it will use the same line to deflect scrutiny from their scouting activity. 

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On top of achilles injury and shitty 2013 part of this season for sens....?  refusing request and not speaking to media, so obviously Brennan doesn't respect personal space.  It's the opposite of what he wrote in his article designed to magnify the problem for his own personal gain.

7 months, 2 weeks ago on Erik Karlsson's not Speaking with the Media…


just read local paper in south florida - TJI - Dale Tallon is echoing the same script. saying owners told him to spend to cap and put a competitive team on ice to attract fans.

7 months, 2 weeks ago on More Thoughts on Tim Murray's Departure


melnyk spent big when with cash and future assets when the team was thought to be close. tim murray qualified the willingness to spend by saying it would come only when Buffalo had a strong enough nhl team and prospect pool to attract marquee free agents that are worth spending to the cap on. this is what every nhl team says. and anyone could believe that ottawa hasnt shown its close enough to contending since 2007 to justify spending to the cap.

melnyk spent big with cash and future assets when the Sens were thought to be close. I have no doubt he will do this again when the sens show they can sustainably compete with elite teams to go deep in the playoffs. until then, marquee free agents that could get them closer probably would chose stronger teams anyways.

7 months, 2 weeks ago on More Thoughts on Tim Murray's Departure


on one hand we complain about the term of Nash's contract and his age through it. on the other hand, we complain about the term of Bobby Ryan's contract and his UFA age. Ottawa has come very close on all the FA's it chased down, a reflection of the strength of the organization, it's coach, GM, prospects, development, competitiveness and roster flexibility. We can also assume a healthy dose of good felt by Ryan for the high price Ottawa paid and the top line minutes they're giving him to thrive in his contract years. Add to this that camp Ryan could best capitalize on a significant cap hike by signing an extension this offseason and you have a lot of elements working in Ottawa's favor.

the next time you have corey pronman on, i will be asking two questions: Nash or Ryan? Turris or Tarasenko?

7 months, 3 weeks ago on Pierre Dorion Speaks - WJHC, Lazar, Shore, Hogberg and 2014 Draft


you gotta believe this is why anaheim had bobby on the block during his RFA years. perhaps anaheim beat writers wore down management with attacks on bobby's leadership intangibles... his skating may be average, but I see him as the most complete forward on the sens roster right now - and more importantly, he's the physical power forward on the senators first productive top line since 2006. I think Ryan could have comeback at Burke harder, but he may be stewing over some zingers for twitter.

(suggestions: the sweep, only cup on heels of Bryan Murray's GMing, more teams than Niki Filatov, armchair truculence, Tyler Seguin and Dougie Hamilton, David Clarkson, )

7 months, 4 weeks ago on Bobby Ryan Responds to Brian Burke's Comments


Leadership narratives are usually a joke - mosts media figures are under intense pressure to fill space and maintain hype. Vague emotional intangibles are pretty defensible - so long as they don't go into too much detail.

I think leadership is more about on ice play and off ice work ethic. I've always thought highly of Spezza's shot and playmaking skills. Unfortunately, these are less valuable in big minute situations against other teams best players. Careless turnovers, sluggish skating, no physical play and now a sharp decline in health and defensive acumen. Without highly physical two way wingers to complement his game, I don't think Spezza is a top6 forward on an elite NHL team right now. Will be interesting to follow the next few games to see how internal options fill those minutes in Spezza's absence

8 months ago on Magical Leadership Powers and the Plight of Jason Spezza


With penny pinching teams claiming cap hike doesn't affect their plan, you gotta ask where Ottawa stands.  Guys like MacArthur and Ryan may have just hit oil this year.

8 months, 3 weeks ago on Reading the Tea Leaves: Kassian Draws In, Hoffman Out


as long as TSN2 in HD is broadcast without extras on cable packages.  

good on kyper for giving an opinion without relying on a dubious anonymous source.  it's fairly transparent for fans to look at everything that's been said and see it was all of the above that contributed to alfie leaving - money, a more mature roster, some lies, all lies, a change of scenery, etc..  

murray rebuilt a scoring line on the fly with c-mac and ricky bobby, alfie gets to bask in a nordic bromance and every ottawa fan should stop thinking of alfie like the ex that may come back some day.  it's over!

8 months, 4 weeks ago on Nick Kypreos Talking About the Senators on Toronto Radio Yesterday


On the subject of internal player loyalty, Greening's first deal struck me as extremely team friendly.  A large speedy power forward with emerging skills playing on the first line with a willingness to drop the gloves gets locked up for 3 years at 667k on his second RFA deal.. felt like it was about half price and that team Greening conceded too long a term at a marginal minimum salary.  Makes me wonder if this extension factored in some sort of compensation for Greening conceding to a low number through the Sens rebuilding and paying off front loaded hefty contracts.

And don't look now, but Chris Phillips is playing first line PP minutes with EK65 in a contract year.  Seems like the fountain of youth has sprung upon him just in time.

9 months ago on Melnyk Speaks - Attendance, Finicky Fans, Internal Budget and Alfie's Return


Ride em when they right, whip em when they wrong.

I guess this means Ceci's AHL numbers don't translate to NHL readiness...and that Rangers want what Sens gave for Chris Campoli in same boat 4 years ago

9 months ago on Matching Up For Del Zotto, Ottawa's Enticing Trade Package


Stuck in a no-movement fantasy league where people want insane values for their players, so it's refreshing to focus on Brian Murray after 20 games...

9 months, 1 week ago on Insider Trading: Michael Del Zotto


I wonder if Tyler Myers could be had from Buffalo.

9 months, 1 week ago on Consistently Inconsistent


Lehner and Emery need to go, but Keisha already knows that

9 months, 2 weeks ago on Robin Lehner Trolls Ray Emery's Girl


Venting is needed for many fans.  For this list of disappointments, there exists an unequal and opposite list of improvements. 

Senators have pieced together their best top line since 2006...and just in time.  I think the Sens did ok on this trade - Bobby looks like a pretty well rounded player.

Mark Borowecki looks like he might be ready to be a solid 6th defender everyday.

Robin Lehner looks ready to take over #1 goaltending duties

that is all

9 months, 2 weeks ago on 18 Games of Disappointment


Spezza will always be the playmaker people want more from.  I look at Spezza's regression with a half full cup.  You have a first line pivot working with sheltered minutes on the PP or middle 6 to give another unit some scoring punch.  His playmaking would seem to complement some emerging prospects who have strong quick releases (zibanejad, puemel, stone) but haven't shown they can create their own shot.  His contract expires with Bobby Ryan's, so management has a big round 12.6m cap hit built into their "internal" budget to resign one, both or whoever can do the most to help them win at that time.

9 months, 2 weeks ago on Jason Spezza Places Winning Above Production


Note the increasing measure of force used to dissuade Gallagher from crashing the net

first offence : water cooler talk and shaking hands

second offence : face massage

third offence: a face full of gryba

fourth offence: take his helmet off with a stick and 2 mins to think about it

good on kassasin and neil for letting Parros skate around without trying to hold him accountable for all the little montreal shits that don't back up their cheapshots

9 months, 3 weeks ago on big_mistake_montreal.gif


The message I take from Boro's call up is simplifying the game.  Guys are hanging onto the puck or trying to get cute in their own zone and losing compete battles.  While Boro will not be a puck mover, he will likely show more discipline and respect his limits as a defense first player.  Remains to be seen how his skating looks this year, but its tough to imagine a downgrade with how other players are skating around the Sens defenders in their zone.  If nothing else, his thundering hits will give fans something different to cheer for.

10 months ago on Mark Borowiecki Recalled by Senators


For everyone questioning the contract, consider that Greening was drafted nearly a decade ago and only now has his first chance at free agency.  He developed on the cheap in college and bingo for the better part of a decade and signed a very favorable 3 year contract after showing promise as a speedy power forward in his first partial season.  During the last full season, he scored 40 points as a first line helping a resurgent Jason Spezza.  On the open market, he would be pursued as a fast power forward by every team except Boston and would have contracts like Brian Bickell's as a ceiling for comparables.   He will be playing through his prime during this contract and remain relatively healthy in a league where a lot of physical forwards carry lingering injuries. Add to all this that he is still playing for 800k through this season.  While anything can happen during the extension,  I would challenge anyone to find a more cost effective way to acquire a speedy power forward with this resume in lieu of retaining him as an in house prospect.

10 months ago on A Thought on Colin Greening's Struggles


Ceci's numbers in bingo look shit hot.  Waiting for a Luke Richardson/Tim Murray evaluation, minus the fluff and spin, to hear if he might be the second puck mover with a big shot missing on Sens blueline.

10 months ago on United in Red: a State of the Union Post


No toughness. Borocop has recurring neck injuries, senators haven't fought once and I could see Colton Orr chirping 'talks cheap mofo' when kassian skated bye

10 months, 3 weeks ago on Senators Panic Power Rankings: October


agree with the kessel comparison, also in terms of each team having to give up 3 blue chip pieces to get the player they wanted - there is some saving face measure to lock up something you've invested that heavily in.  as for risky contracts, most teams can trade premiere offensive players even with big cap hits to teams who can't draft or lure free agents.  while columbus may be scratching off that list now, there will be others in the future

11 months ago on The Kessel Contract And Bobby Ryan



11 months, 2 weeks ago on The 6th Sens Photoshop Contest Submissions


Folks in Westboro are relocating squirrels to Gatineau park.  They look kind of like Michael Hutchinson did when he saw Bobby with the puck at the top of the slot in Sunday's game.

11 months, 2 weeks ago on Bobby Ryan Doesn't Crack ESPN's Top 100 Forwards List


To harp on the context bandwagon, you have to consider that Karlsson and veteran-stay-at-home partner will always get the lions share of top pairing even strength and PP minutes. If he is relied on more as a mobile shut down player with size as his SH TOI stat suggests, then the other columns arent expected to stand out. Since the going rate for ANY half decent physical defender is 3-4m per, it's not a stretch to pay this to retain a coveted draft choice entering his prime. It's not like they can replace his presence any other way at this value. If anything, I think his injury history played into the Sens benefit locking him up to a moderate term at a manageable cap number. The 3 guys I would replace him with on that list all have higher terms and cap hits. Now that fans are excited about Sens hockey again and Melnyk's casino fits are winding down, he can loosen up the purse strings again.

11 months, 2 weeks ago on Cowen Signs - 4 Years, $3.1M AAV


You have to say Melnyk I've had enough of your, goodbye

11 months, 3 weeks ago on Melnyk Speaks: Calls Jim Watson an Alien, Needs Army Before Visiting RCR, etc.


Melnyk "We're better than Detroit now that Alfie is over there"

1 year ago on Melnyk on Alfie's Decision Factors


@Nichols6thSens @sensuries Sens got shafted.  Instead of retaining their franchise player or getting a good asset in trade, they were forced to overpay for a malcontent and underachieving star with the holy trinity of packages - an emerging skill player, a big NHL ready prospect with size and grit plus a 1st.  That's what doesn't make sense - you don't give up productive NHL talent on ELC's if you need to save money.

Now that it's over, you will only hear spin from both sides. His decision was likely a combination of everything postulated.  And Melnyk's decision to hold back the purse strings may have even been a pressure tactic for OLG to reconsider his application. 

At the end of the day, we're probably better off with a sniper in his prime that is motivated to perform in advance of his next contract than an aging star who feels his calling is somewhere else.  

1 year ago on Daniel Alfredsson Decision and the Three Schools of Thought


I think the day shows that finances are only a part of team building. Money can't buy a track record of winning or pry franchise players in their prime away from other teams who need them. On paper, it looks like the first and second lines have been upgraded. You have to assume there is an internal prospect or trade target who is ready to boost scoring and possession in the bottom six group - Mark Stone comes to mind.

1 year, 1 month ago on Sens Sign Bobby Ryan


I think it also comes down to value. I suspect many of the big names rumored to be available are not playing to the value of their contracts. As we saw in the Rick Nash sweepstakes, Ottawa has the minerals to throw around when the right piece becomes available

1 year, 1 month ago on A $50 Million Self-imposed Cap for the Sens?


Sounds like marketing folks need to find more creative ways to lease CTC on Sens downtime.

Perhaps Melnyk Sports & Entertainment could buy out events like the Captial Hoe Down, entice fringe sports luminaries like JayZ to encourage more A list shows to CTC by favoring NHL players his new agency represents, Or maybe MSE could threaten anger and litigation to advocate extending LRT through Kanata stops right to the door of CTC so fans could get there easier.

1 year, 2 months ago on Sens Look To Move Up...Like Every Year


Ottawa will not be a contender until they have better two way forwards. I feel center is a position of weakness when compared to top 5 teams. Each of the Senators pivots has gaping holes in their game and none have game breaking attributes that can push the team over the top.

Spezza has no physical game, converts 20% of high risk plays, has below average speed and poor defensive acumen

Turris has trouble finishing, is neither feisty or strong enough to overcome his size, lacks high end puck skills and is weak in the circle against better face off opponents ie the faceoffs that count

Smith is quasi phyisical and quasi skilled, but doesn't show either attributed at a high level or with consistency

OBrien is awfully weak on the puck for a big guy.

Pageau and Zbad have shown promise, but Im not qualified to project how much they can grow.

1 year, 2 months ago on Examining Ottawa's Depth at Centre