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it's been a year since this came out, i've recently tried the PC version and what exactly do they call a balanced game with the console version? the game play is still broken, pred heavies are uncounterable after the first is countered, pred light attacks speed up when the button is mashed, the alien jumping attack is virtually useless, only to close in and still, because neither the preds nor marines flinch or stagger with it, the alien wall tailing needs fixing, the plasma cannon's splash damage is ridiculous... and the preds get knocked down in the PC version while the staggering animation of the console version can be exploited... yeah I and a couple of others have found ways around these to keep the alien in the competition with the other 2 however and since i love the alien i'd rather have more gameplay fixes and features to have that done without having to exploit glitches and bugs to get ahead of the competition. Did sega even compared both games?

3 years, 5 months ago on Patch-gate; SOA responds to Aliens vs. Predator console patch cancellation