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Echoing others' thoughts, this is a fantastic post, @Eleanor Pierce. One thing I wanted to add some emphasis on, if I could, is the concept that when it is reasonable and possible, integrate real-life connecting into this. As so many of the people @ginidietrich  has featured in the past showed me, she typically met them online where they got to know each other, then met in person and an even more solid relationship was born. Obviously that's not always feasible, and great relationships can still be built without it. But for many of us, relationships can be brought to a while new level once there's been a face to face connection.

In any event, I really liked this article, and this paragraph in particular:

"And remember to give as much as you get. Introduce people. Share job opportunities that aren’t a good fit for you with others in your network. Don’t just build relationships so you can get something from people down the line, seek to be a helper to the people you’re connected with."


3 weeks, 1 day ago on Social Media Connections and Landing a Great Job