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Rick Santorum is basing his position on the fact that establishes God as the highest authority- that is correct and no state has the right to make a law that abolishes God's Natural laws- Marriage was established by God- He is the architect of family and society- not man! If we as a nation fail to identify this problem in America we will be doomed as a free society- the Law without God condemns us all! God forbid we forget what our founders based their convictions on....we are not right- God is, and we to the best of our ability should first be guided by our conscience. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution established that as a place to start. That does not make Rick Santorum a Federal Power loving Fascist- he is a man of consistent record who will not put anything before what God says is right for all men and America as a whole. Liberty without virtue and reason will feed anarchy and the destruction of all those who died for our freedom gave us.

We had better be right` because we are at a defining Crossroad....God help us all.

3 years, 5 months ago on Rick Santorum on "the 10th Amendment Run Amok"