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Very good article, however a little out of date. I've gone through the mentioned services and it turns out that the only one that works is SecurityKISS.

Apart from that I was able to register for It's Hidden but it seems very dodgy. I couldn't find any information about the provider, they have no address details so it does not seem trustworthy.

3 years ago on Top 5 Free VPN Services


Unfortunately these websites are blocked in China. For SecurityKISS you can use the secret mirror website:

I emailed them to check if this is a mirror approved by them and they confirmed so it seems safe but you can email them as well.

I was able to download the program using that link.

3 years, 2 months ago on Best 5 Free VPN Softwares


I have to use VPN asI travel between Europe and China so thanks for this list!

The VPN list is quite long but the only one that works in the FREE version is SecurityKISS.

Before I used some paid service, don't mention the name.

3 years, 5 months ago on Top 10 Free VPN Services