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What a lovely couple!   You've gotten loads of great advice from Christelyn and in the comments so I wish you and your fiancee all the best.  I don't understand what complete strangers get out of shouting derogatory comments at people they don't even know.    

10 hours, 20 minutes ago on Interracial Couples and a Word on Safety: Memphis Couple Needs Our Advice.


How crazy is it that it is "controversial" to encourage marriage before children? Sad commentary on our society.

6 days, 14 hours ago on Like, Whoa! Black Women Featured AGAIN on BuzzFeed…But In a Good Way.


So devastated to hear this sad news. Great advice as usual. My condolences to Ms Washington's family.

6 days, 14 hours ago on Founder of “For Brown Girls,” and Advocate for US, Karyn Washington Committed Suicide, and I Suck.


I don't think it matters where someone is from as much as it matters what he/she values.  There are hugely successful African Americans too.

I assume that immigrants, such as myself, come here with a specific goal in mind and work towards reaching that goal.  But I'll be honest, I have so many African Americans friends/mentors, etc., who have helped me reach my goal.  And the bottom line is that if it wasn't for African Americans fighting for their civil rights, Black immigrants couldn't come here and do so well.

I'm proud of all Black young people, regardless of their background, who excel in the academic arena.  Hope we see many more of these success stories in the future.  

P.S.  While Black immigrants do very well in the U.S., I'm not sure if that can be said of some Black immigrants in England or Canada, where too many of them end up in the criminal justice system.  

1 week ago on African vs. African American: Can We Still Legitimately Claim Racism When Folks that Look Just Like Us Come Here and WIN?!


@TeeVee  "We made it crystal clear to him that education is key to the life he wants to live."

My mother made it clear to both my sister and I that going to University was not optional -- we were both going.  I feel sorry for children whose parents don't emphasize the importance of education to them. I don't see how you can compete and get a well paying job without an education.  

1 week ago on African vs. African American: Can We Still Legitimately Claim Racism When Folks that Look Just Like Us Come Here and WIN?!


I'm kind of surprised that in the UK, White men would have trouble approaching Black women given the percentage of Black women who marry non-Black men (as high as 40%).  

Just approach her as a human being, be polite, strike up a conversation and ask her out.  One of my good friends met her husband when he asked her for the time at a bus stop.  They hit it off instantly and have been married for over 20 years.  

Of course some Black women may reject you, but that's life.  Wishing you the best!

1 week, 4 days ago on A Heartfelt Letter from a White Guy, Wondering How He Can Approach Black Women. Have At It, Ladies.


"Find someone who matches your soul".

Great advice.  Really nice tribute.  

4 weeks ago on Beyond the Color Lines…A Tribute Anniversary Video of Mike and Lisa