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If the NBPA decertifies is there anything stopping the NBA from signing players directly. I think the mid/low level players will jump at the chance. Say the NBA/Owners could have the season go ahead with teams full of rookies/role players signed to individual contracts. It would be bad basketball and no one would watch, but all the other players would slowly come back into the fold if they saw the NBA season going ahead without them.

3 years, 5 months ago on The next stage: The airing of grievances


This whole guaranteed BRI thing doesn't make any sense. Name one other industry this happens in. It is like saying to Apple, you are guaranteed 50% of the tablet market regardless of what you produce. It should be a free market, with a hard cap. Players would be paid what they are worth, as opposed to the current situation where stars are underpaid and role players are overpaid. The players will get their 52% if it is done this way, and it will improve competitive balance. There is no way the Miami heat would have happened if there were no max contracts, someone would have offered wade ~30 lebron ~40 and bosh would be getting ~20.

You need to let the market take care of itself..

3 years, 5 months ago on Players reject Stern's ultimatum deal, want a new meeting