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@Gromit801 Unless you're booking in for sometime in the 2070s, you're already boned for trying to commute from out of state for the Bridge Pedal on the Coast Starlight.  And even then you don't want to rely on TriMet, since every train that weekend is a walking disaster waiting to happen (~100 bikes per car, legal maximum is 8 for the non-handicapped-accessible 100 series cars introduced in 1984, 4 for all three series of newer cars; and I would NOT put it beyond Portland's law enforcement not to hold a train and unload people one at a time to write up $180 bicycle zone violation fines and lifetime exclusions from the transit system for the difference between legal capacity and what uses it that weekend, Portland is actively bicycle hostile).

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@anankaf Cascades already has roll-on roll-off bicycle service.  It's a $5 extra.  Ask the ticketmaster at your local station for details.  Heck, it's about the only good thing 'bout living in Oregon or's cheap and easy to go hit BC instead.

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Don't bother with Portland.  There's nothing to do, the crime is high, the police are corrupt and inept, it's expensive, and the weather sucks about 80% of the time.  You will be mugged, your shit will get stolen, and you will not be able to file a report because it makes the crime stats move in a bad direction.

Source:  Recovering Portlander, born and raised.

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But I'm on Google+!

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@peaches 218 No, just my parents set a good example on how to handle fussy kids.  It's not my fault yours raised you wrong, nor is it my fault you chose to have kids.  That's your problem, not the rest of the world's.

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One tip that's missing would be to take fussy kids and meltdowns to a dressing room (or on the Cascades talgos, the telephone vestibule) until you can get the situation back under control.  The rest of us don't want to hear it.

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That's not the good kind of bike rack, most people find them somewhere between farking obnoxious and completely unusable.  Please replace those with some staple racks that are actually usable by most bicycles.  Not everybody rides tiny road bikes.  Especially people who are going to be utility riding to a train station.  Basically, take some heavy pipe, bend it into a staple shape, set it in concrete.  Voila!  Two bicycle spaces!  Need more?  Install parallel 6 feet apart, at least 3 feet from any obstructions, in a row, similar to car parking spaces.  Optional:  Paint a six foot long stripe equidistant between staples, no less than three feet from either staple.  Basically, if you're not providing at least a 6' x 3' box with something solid to lock to centered on the middle of the length, justified on the outside edge, you're doing it wrong, and you're discouraging people from biking to the station and/or using the approved bicycle parking area.

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Only 500 points?  Make it worth actually paying for the bandwidth it takes to deliver the ad!  Otherwise, say hello to Adblock Plus!

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