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We're seeing CPG brands taking the lead on driving the use of local path-to-purchase intent metrics including path-to-purchase intent and commit metrics, as well as in-store sku-level sales lift metrics.  Others will follow

9 months ago on The Intangibility of Digital ROI is its Biggest Challenge


Agree.  I think publishers also need to get smarter with the location dimension of their Ad inventory.  We have more demand from product brand manufacturers for location-based ad inventory around stores carrying their products, than we can get inventory of.  I think smart publishers can gain real benefit in getting smarter here.

2 years, 3 months ago on Everything is in real-time: Media in the age of conversation


Check-out Retailigence who recently launched AdPOP (Point-of-Purchase) specifically to execute on "advertisers ..... who seek to drive consumers to local retail outlets to complete their purchase"

3 years ago on Mobile Ads Saw Triple-Digit Growth in 2011 | SiliconANGLE


This is a natural evolution in granularity, and makes a lot of sense. For example, when people need to go shopping they generally think of the product they want first, and then manually (and unconsciously) translate that product need into the store that might have it. That process favors the larger retailers who have larger share of mind. Retailigence (and our API for developers of real products on the shelves of stores) looks forward to powering these new solutions and use-cases!

3 years, 5 months ago on Kevin Rose’s Oink: Stop Rating Places – Rate the Stuff Inside Them Instead