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The signings are exciting but a bit odd.  Losing Tuck and Joseph hurts and Boothe too.  After years of loading up on DLs now we're loaded at CB, S and returners but have to hope that the young DLs can step up.  Maybe Reese is setting himself up to draft more DLs but he still needs a TE and maybe a beast at WR to replace Nicks.  They should be OK with Cruz, Randle and Manningham, but this is nowhere near the asset it was in prior years. 

Front office wise, the Reese has gone from a relative FA wallflower to Dan Snyder.  Team wise, the D resembles the '80s era 49ers, built from the DBs down.  New Blue. 

Nicks is an enigma, Jints don't have too many malcontents but they obviously thought he was never going to recover his value with them.  I'll bet he rebounds for Indy if he can stay on the field

4 weeks, 1 day ago on DRC signs 5 yr Deal with the NY Giants