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That crown should go to another ex-microsoft executive... Stephen Elop.

From 30%+ market share down to < 4% market share. From number 1 manufacturer whose total sales were greater than number 2+3 combined, to stuggling to be in the top 10.

Even worse, turned a profitable company, unprofitable. Turned a company that was growing sales, to one that decreased badly. Managed to alientate, not only his own ecosystem, but also his distribution channels and his retails channels.

Switched to another ecosystem that still manage to lose market share even after ploughing all his resources to focus on it (win mobile was at 5% marketshare when Elop took over, it's now 4%).

Sure, Nokia were at a crossroads and were likely to suffer a slight decline... he accelerated it.

1 year, 8 months ago on Steve Ballmer: The. Worst. CEO. Ever.


The problem with this viewpoint is that it fails to see that 'traditional' education is evolving, and that technology is more integrated in the classroom and increasingly so. 

MOOCs are more like extra-curricular learning schemes similar in ways to its offline counterparts like Kumon and adult education classes. It is in this area that MOOCs are likely to disrupt and is unlikely to replace elementary, secondary, colleges or universities. One of the biggest factors of having people together is working in teams with direct face 2 face communication, particularly where kinesthetic learning methodologies are used. This is not something that will be easily replaced.. without a significant hardware disruption that enables people who are not physically together to physically interact.

1 year, 8 months ago on Disrupting education


Sexist? Maybe. Targeted? Maybe.

When the ads were designed I'm sure they did the research. e.g. what keywords are often searched for by the target demographic? If weight-loss, cooking at home et al are behaviors elicited by the target demographic, then why is an ad focused on this group deemed sexist?

The assumption is that this is the group they are targeting with their advertising.

2 years ago on HTC’s horrible HTC One commercial is just the latest example of tone-deaf marketing


It's all well and good disrupting 'education' but the disruption also needs to affect the next layer up. The recruitment process. If companies (including those is silicon valley) are still recruiting hard at universities and using it as a filter point then people using alternatives to the traditional path may well be at a disadvantage because it incurs an opportunity cost.

One of these opportunity costs is international mobility. It's much more difficult to secure a working visa ina different country (US included) if you don't have a graduate degree, another layer that needs to be disrupted. So to forego the tradional route has some major risks attached to it.

2 years ago on Should you pay $250K to go to college?


The rise of the 'Phablet' was forecast pre iPad. I have several reports from 2009 created by Nomura which showed the trend and forecast of a device that was smaller than a netbook and larger than a smartphone in screensize.

At that point in time, the largest smartphones had a 4 inch screen and the smallest netbooks had 8.8 inch screens. The report included how silicon manufacturing advances for CPUs that can handle the processing and screen requirements, battery improvements and screen improvements. So it wasn't all forecast by 'tech'and news blogs a few months ago.

2 years ago on Flurry: Phablets are the MC Hammer of technology


Some of those features that you forecast would need more intuition because TV watching is more social. For example, I never watch TV on my own. On my own, I watch stuff on the computer. Therefore, controlling the TV needs to be intuitive enough to pick up who is currently controlling it, in a simple way that someone will 'pass the remote'. e.g. what happens if someone gets up and leaves temporarily.. will it pause the show and prevent others who are still there from watching? WHo controls the volume and the fastfoward/rewind with their eye movements, or are these features only enabled during 'single player mode'. In which case, how would it work when there are multiplayers?

2 years, 4 months ago on What will TV look like in two years? Radically different (we hope)


Seems like it's the network effect is the main reason you choose Instagram over Path. Also seems that since 'Thanksgiving' is the biggest event on instagram, that suggests that this network effect is biggest in the US (Thanksgiving is a US tradition that isn't celebrated anywhere else).

This implies that where instagram is not as embedded, Path may still have a chance to be the de-facto choice.

2 years, 4 months ago on For me, Instagram isn’t the new Twitter. It’s a more functional Path


Apple can learn the lessons of Palm, Nokia, Blackberry and Motorola (in the 90's early 00's).

The replacement cycles of smartphones (and phones) are short and fast, approx. 2 years. Brand loyalty can be very high, but make consistent mistakes and you will bleed market share. Apple have built a lot of goodwill (just like the companies mentioned above), but this is beginning to erode.

If we look at the above examples, it probably took 2-3 years from their last 'great' device, for them to fall off the cliff. I believe this is the goodwill period that any manufacturer has to correct its mistakes and rebuild its goodwill. Loyal customers seem willing to go through around 2 product iterations before they will switch.

2 years, 6 months ago on What Happens If Smartphones Become Commodities?


It's a babysitiing resource, if they can close the 'trust' loop, then it will be even more useful. On top of that, if 'personal' instructions can be added, it makes dissemination easier (contact numbers, feeding times, behavioural actions (e.g. time outs, stars etc.) what to do in situation X FAQs.


2 years, 7 months ago on Kid Driving You Nuts Right Now? UrbanSitter Has a New App for That


You're missing a segment in books.. Childrens/toddlers books, haptics technology is not quite there that it can replace physical textures or 'pop ups'. Sure there are complements such as 'animation', but kinesthetic sensory learning has not been emulated yet.

2 years, 7 months ago on Are You There Authors Guild? It’s Me, Reality


I'm competely underwhelmed by the announcement. Seems the markets feel the same way. The main problem is that compared to previous Nokia flagships on obsolete OS's, there are some things that are still missing. This Lumia looks like its tailored for an audience who are not used to some of the previous Nokia flagships. Missing things like memory card slots, HDMI ports, FM Transmitter, which compounds their conversion ratio (number of old Nokia users who migrate to new Nokia devices).


It also looks like they are starting to burn the Pureview brand. They've definitely diluted it into something much more confusing.

2 years, 7 months ago on Nokia’s Lumia 920 Drags Windows Phone to the High-End Smartphone War


iPhone 4/4S are the most popular phone cameras, but not the best. The old Nokia N8 (from 2010) has better camera optics than the iPhone 4/4S. Even if there will be a Lumia 920 with Pureview, it still won't be the most 'popular'. (Unless, of course, popular = best in your eyes)

2 years, 7 months ago on With New Hardware from Tech’s Biggest Players, This Fall Is the Most Exciting Since 2010


 @jbermudez5 Seeing as you're based in Miami, the Winter Music Conference would be a great time for you to spread the word and get more up and close to get broader international requirements for your needs. 

2 years, 7 months ago on NightPro Gives Nightclubs Some Technological Love


One of the things with nightclubs is that they are managed to diversely. You have different categories of nightclubs. Clubs that cater for the 'meat market' (let the girls in and the boys will follow), clubs that cater for the music crowd with 'celebrity DJs', clubs that focus on 'VIP'. Each type uses different systems, promoters use different systems to bring people in with different types of discounts/guest list schemes. Many clubs do not have 'bookable' tables (at least not the clubs I used to play at in UK, Europe and Japan)


Having said that, it's been a few years since I was involved in the scene DJing and promoting nights so it may have changed.

2 years, 7 months ago on NightPro Gives Nightclubs Some Technological Love


US court judges that Samsung copied. Korean court judges that they didn't... did the national origin of the companies have a subconscious effect?

2 years, 7 months ago on Copying Works: How Samsung’s Decision to Mimic Apple Paid Off in Spades


Isn't this what the International Baccalaureate addresses? 


One issue that educators have is that there are so many lay persons trying to 'fix' something in which they are uneducated. it's like a lay person telling a surgeon how to operate. There are many professionals out there who have years of experience and knowledge in child psychology, child development and how the brain develops using different types of methodologies. 


Most tech solutions unfortunately fall into a 'one size fits all'' which is not appropriate when it comes to individual needs such as kinesthetic, aural, and visual learning preferences amongst others. 

2 years, 8 months ago on Replanting the Roots of Education


Sounds like Talkbox and Voxer?

2 years, 8 months ago on WaveDeck Raises a $400K Seed Round to Fix Voice Messaging


They've turned the model around. Hardware used to be sold cheap to make profits from software, Apple turned it the other way round. Software is sold cheap to make profits from hardware.

2 years, 8 months ago on The App Business Has Gone Rabid, and Apple’s Mountain Lion Is Leading the Pack


Carriers will be the key again to the success/failure of WP8.


The one thing they really do not like is the VoIP, particularly because MS is the owner of Skype. Let's see if it will get carrier support, this is important, particularly for the US market where subsidies are a key criteria in purchase decision because the total cost of ownership of a smartphone is around $1920 over a 2 year contract even if it's a cheap or expensive smartphone (data from asymco).I also find it intersting that " Hey where a few years late" but making a strong push... with a very small installed base is acceptable, but it wasn't acceptable for Symbian (before it was killed) when it had a massive installed base. I bring up this comparison, because there are still quite a few features that Symbian is capable of that WP8 isn't even though it's a dying OS. 

2 years, 10 months ago on Windows Phone 8 Is Microsoft’s Last-Ditch Effort to Remain Relevant


Farhood is right in the problem of Nokia's cash, but his analysis is way off.


There's a lot of evidence out there to suggest that Elop made a huge mistake with the announcement. 

At the time, Nokia was losing market share.. it was profitable, it was increasing sales... it was a slow decline. After the memo and announcement, it fell off a cliff. Elop effectively Osborned Symbian. This does not affect the vast majority of end buyers because they would have been unaware. It affected the carrier relationships, the retail channel, and this is what killed Symbian sales. If you can't find it in the store, you won't be able to buy it. The partnership with Microsoft did not help. They have terrible carrier relationships. Elop could have done this better, by not announcing the death of Symbian, and 'investigating' windows phone, he could have kept a gradual decline until it was ready to shift.


Farhood is also wrong in terms of Nokia not trying to build an ecosystem. They have been trying for years (N-Gage was the first attempt, but have failed. A modern OS, was canned (Meego) which had an upgrade path Qt and this has been completely abandoned.


Nokia also has a problem converting Symbian users to Windows Phone, because many features that Symbian users are used to are not available on windows phone, in fact the natural upgrade path in terms of features is Android. The fundamental strategy flaw is that Elop gave up the RotW market share to chase the N.American market. 


Nokia's main problem was execution, not strategy. People were very willing to write Symbian off, however, they are willing to give Windows Phone more time to get competitive? If we look at the latest Symbian version, it's quite competitive on a feature to feature basis, but it's been killed off. No one will support a dead platform, even if it has plenty of potential (Meego). The situation that Nokia is in is that it's Windows Phone or bust. There does not appear to be any back-up plan at all.





2 years, 10 months ago on RIP, Nokia (1865 – 2014)


Surely the purpose of pricing is to set it a perceived 'market vlue', so if it 'pops' the company is undervalued at IPO? If the pop is expected because it will follow profit taking to take it back down to 'normal' levels, is this not a flaw in the financial markets or an adaption of the 'greater fool' theory?

2 years, 10 months ago on The Best Thing About Facebook’s IPO: The Tech “Bubble” is Over


Is this not a case of preaching to the converted? The ones turning to technology trying to get fit, are likely the ones who will try to get fit without technology. Predominantly the technology helps them to measure their energy output via gamification methods as a motivator. Items like Pushup go 1 step beyond by reminding/inducing people to continue.


For the masses, the main obstacle are social, including simple things such as fitness fashion, embarassment (not wanting to be seen doing exercise because of self-awareness issues) and a sedantary lifestyle caused by town planning. USA in particular suffers from a car culture because everything is so large and far apart from each other which means its easier to drive to get from A to B, if you compare it many other developed countries, it can be easier to walk or cycle. Nutrition and food health are other issues that need to be covered starting from school meals and the cost of unhealthy foods.


The tech is useful, but its only useful for the converted.



2 years, 11 months ago on Fitness Tech Needs to Pick Up the Pace


In the context of platforms, there is one thing that Facebook can try to own/control and monetize on which fits in with their platform. HTML5 apps and a HTML5 appstore. For almost all other coding platforms, there is a centralized go to store where you can search and buy apps. This does not exist for HTML5. There is no champion for it. This is where facebook can fill a gap, improve the mobile web experience and control the distribution of HTML5 Apps on mobile with capability to monetize it.

2 years, 11 months ago on Does Anyone Else Round Here Think a Facebook Phone is a Stupid Idea?


Pretty cool. Imagine the richer experience if the sound recording capabilty was similar to 'Nokia Rich Recording'

3 years ago on Picle, the Instagram With Audio, Has 50,000 Users After a Month


That's not a direct reference to this article, which is about why Apple doesn't create a watch.

3 years ago on Screw TVs — Why Isn’t Apple Building A Smartwatch?


What I don't get is that the watch is for iPhone and Android.. but *almost* every single blog article fails to include Android in the headline.

3 years ago on Screw TVs — Why Isn’t Apple Building A Smartwatch?


Nice summary.. didn't realize penn olsen guys were in BJ... would have said hello if I knew.. (I'm Chaopin team)

3 years, 5 months ago on Reflections on Techcrunch Disrupt Beijing: Why China Needs Its Own "Disrupt"