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Ah, damn.  Another article doing a spectacular job at convincing me to wake up before 8am.  But the bed's so comfy....

Funny - lots of companies have social and content creation as different jobs, often in different departments.  To me they're is the most plugged in to how users want to be communicated with, and content creators are doing some of the most thoughtful communicating with them.   Do you think every brand should be doing both?

9 months, 2 weeks ago on How Content and Social Media Fit into a CEO’s Day


Oh jeez, that last video sent me reeling...had to rewatch the one of the girl in the green blazer dancing.  I want to be her friend.  Badly.

10 months, 2 weeks ago on Gin and Topics: An Interpretive Dance and Prancercise (Again)


Hey! This sounds like awfully like what I think of as the "extended version" of your response to my question about pitching!  What a strange sentence that one was to type....

Anyhow, thanks for sharing!  4 and 6 never crossed my mind.  We like to send "swag" out to customers who have done awesome things for us (introduced us to someone who created significant revenue, finished a length survey for us, participated in a  contest, etc.)  Interesting to think that that move could be refined and recycled in regards to media relations.  

Biggest takeaway? Offer yourself as a resource (or even just a sincere fan!) before you make an ask.  Good point, GIni.

10 months, 3 weeks ago on Media Relations in the Digital Age


12! The one I most often make.  I think it's all those 5th grade teachers who really push the  "My sister and I" in english lessons.  It's either that or my carelessness...but sure is easier to blame on mean ol' Mrs. Greene.

Also - a lot, not alot.  Do that constantly.

11 months, 1 week ago on Grammar Police: Twelve Mistakes Nearly Everyone Makes


Gotta respect the move to fly at it solo, sans investors.  Bold but glad to see it's paid off. 

11 months, 3 weeks ago on Conversation @


Glad to hear of an immigrant entrepreneur success story.  As in Detroit, no less! There's hope, after all...that is, if more people were willing to take these kinds of risks.

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Ha - of all the metaphors/puns of mexican food (the fajitas were a "missed steak)....Anyhow - good tips! I'm part of this fellowship called Venture for America and we had a 5 week bootcamp this summer with speakers everyday - some absolutely blew our minds, some put half the group into a sleepy haze.  The good ones used about a 80/20 ratio of pictures/words. The best ones made us get up and do something. You're right with the "think about it in tweets" part...especially with younger people the attention span.

I actually got a lot more out the two acting classes I took in college than any of the three or four public speaking classes I took. 

1 year ago on Six Tips for Better Public Speaking


Awesome tips.  We've just moved all of our media efforts in-house after being extraordinarily dissatisfied with the generic messages that were getting out to our customers - no one wants to read the same headline or get the same content from a brand on all different platforms. Also never heard of a Twitter chat, think we'll for sure have to initiative one as we use our twitter most often for customer service concerns.

1 year ago on Customized Content for Each Social Media Channel