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There aren't a lot of kicks more hypebeast than the recent NB/Asics collabs. Bunch of shitty-colored-in-the-dark shoes that still sell out because of their names

1 year, 7 months ago on The Game Naps with His Sneakers


I don't think the demand grows as fast as you think because people are also leaving sneaker collecting, either because they realize they have too many sneakers already/lack of funds/disenchantment with what the hobby has turned into/etc... You can't just look one way and say "more and more people are doing it" and leave it at that. 


In addition, the supply is growing: there are too many collabs/limited editions that are being released every other week, and too many people are buying, stocking, and not wearing, which means that you have A LOT of shoes in new (or pretty good) condition on the secondary market. Sellers simply can't hold onto those crazy asking prices for much longer.


The "bubble" is happening; look at foamposites: as far back as 6-7 months ago, you couldn't get the classic colorways in used condition for less than 3 bills, but nowadays few people are only paying that much for DS foams. Most used pairs are going for retail or less. The same is happening to Jordans. 

1 year, 8 months ago on Interview: DJ Skee talks about reselling, hypebeasts and what’s next for the sneaker game