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I gotta be honest the more that I look back on what the sneaker game used to be the more angry I get over the hype beasts out there who sell shoes for a &74 or $100 markup.  I remember the Saturdays when you could wake up, get in the car, and hit the mall and get your shoes without lines, without fights, without raffles and without hassle!

Plus, the quality of Jordans are lacking - I noticed it big time when I purchased the 8's.  The Hares and Playoffs looked and felt "off" to me so I grabbed my Aqua's from a few years back.  the Side panels on the new J's were smaller, the tongue Jumpman on both shoes were completely different and the suede was super cheap!!!!  I noticed the same thing on the Cement 3's I purchased this year!

Making shoes cheaper but charging more?  I bought Fire Red 3's in 2007 for $125.  Tag on the box doesn't lie!  Markup is insane!  Fire Red 3's now are $159?!?!?!  Are you kidding me?

Such BS - but that is what Nike and Jordan brand are all about!  I read the Doerenbecher release garnered $43 million in ONE day sales!?!?  With those types of numbers the only way to show Nike and Jordan that we won't take it anymore is to not buy sneakers anymore...which won't happen!  haha 

1 year, 8 months ago on SELECT Discussion: Too Much of a Good Thing