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I'm amazed that no one came to change your room, as that's one of the selling points! That's too bad. Roomette is tiny, but my room mate and I enjoyed. Also, the bathrooms in coach were stopped up after less than 2 hours, so we were very happy to have our own sink and toilet. We did the trip from NYC to Sebring, FL in May.

1 year, 6 months ago on Roomette with a View (or Two)


Traveled in a roomette from NYC to Sebring, FL. It was a great trip! Though the roomette is tiny it is very efficient. If there are two of you in the roomette, you certainly don't want to take any more than a carry-on with you. There just isn't space. That said, the service was excellent. My companion is handicapped and we were able to sit in a lounge at Penn Station (with complimentary snacks) and train personnel helped us on, finding our roomette. We also had help getting off. Loved it! So much more civilized than plane travel.

1 year, 8 months ago on Roomette with a View (or Two)