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Don,  I strongly recommend AGAINST using the Facebook Social Plugin to add support for commenting on your site, unless you want to annoy your site's visitors.

Facebook uses an Orwellian censorship model which will prevent many people from posting comments. The users are given no explanation for why their comments won't post. Rather, it's made to look like a malfunction of  YOUR web site -- and it is only apparent AFTER the users have wasted their time composing their comments.
There's some discussion of this problem here (among many other places):
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Use Disqus, or LifeFyre, or ANYTHING other than Facebook!

3 months ago on How to Add Facebook Social Plugins to Your Website


@CgfeebeeeJahi McMath had not died at the time of this article, and still has not died 6 months later.  A person cannot breathe if her "whole brain" is dead, and Jahi is still breathing.

She is, however, profoundly disabled.

You're worried about the cost of Jahi's care, which I think is awfully coldhearted. But, even so, you may set your mind at ease. She's being fed through a tube, and she's had a tracheotomy, but, other than that, AFAIK, no extraordinary measures are being used to care for her. She's breathing on her own, and tube feeding is not very expensive.

9 months, 2 weeks ago on Brain dead 13-year-old tonsil surgery patient to remain on life support


@CgfeebeeeAFAIK, Jahi is not on a respirator. She's breathing on her own, through a tracheotomy.

Did you see the encouraging article about Candice Ivey, which @TacticalTaco posted?

9 months, 2 weeks ago on Brain dead 13-year-old tonsil surgery patient to remain on life support


"Allegedly brain dead" would be the neutral headline. So-called "brain death" is an inexact assessment. Some supposedly brain dead patients make good recoveries.

1 year, 1 month ago on Brain dead 13-year-old tonsil surgery patient to remain on life support


PEPFAR has saved millions of lives in Africa, and greatly enhanced America's stature and reputation in the world.

Although there's no specific provision in the Constitution for foreign aid, as such, there is discussion of the appointment of ambassadors, and broad authority for Congress to create and fill (or delegate the filling of), lower offices, including diplomatic offices. In the case of ambassadors and other diplomatic personnel, this obviously requires significant expenditures overseas.

Moreover, the USA has a long and continuous record of expending federal money in other countries, for a wide variety of purposes. For example, in 1795, less than 4 years after the 10th Amendment was ratified, the federal government under George Washinton spent about 1/6-th(!!) of its total budget on an (ultimately unsuccessful) effort to try to buy peace with Algeria!

It seems clear that the Constitution was not intended to cut off the federal government's ability to do what was always considered to be one the basic and essential functions of a national government, which is to manage relations with other countries, by whatever means seems wise. That necessarily implies the ability to expend funds overseas on diplomatic initiatives, foreign aid and similar purposes, not just on military adventures, such as the 1801-1805 (undeclared) Barbary War.

3 years, 1 month ago on Foreign Aid Won't Save Africa


This was useful to me. "LogOff Force.exe" did just what I needed, as a replacement for c:\windows\system32\oobe\audit.exe, so that I no longer have to ctrl-alt-del and run task manager and kill audit.exe to get past the bogus "Windows could not complete the installation" message after reinstalling Windows Vista from the restore partition on a Sony VAIO.

The web site seems to be down, but you can find at various websites, such as softpedia.

3 years, 4 months ago on Easiest Way to Shutdown, Restart or Log off - Shutdown Suite