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Definitely worth the risk ! What's 5 or 6 million when they just threw away 12 on Derosa, 6 on Tejada, a whole bunch on Rowand and soon enough, a whole bunch on Zito?

Consider the rewards St. Louis reaped for gambling 8 on Berkman.

Fortune favors the bold ! They went for it with Beltran, didn't quite pan out. Why change their tune, they're supposed to be winners and they have the arms to go for it in 2012.

Sign Rollins. Work a trade around Sanchez for Carlos Quentin. Take a flyer on Sizemore. It will be a much better flyer than the one they just took on Miguel Tejada! If it doesn't work out, plug Justin Christian or Francisco Peguero in there and wait for Gary Brown.

3 years, 6 months ago on Is Grady Sizemore Too Much Of An Injury Risk For The Giants?