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@michael2 @arpowers @kennynguyenus what do you want me to say? to make it clear, i was never a heavy PL user. so i didn't face the issues that many of you have. it's unfortunate to hear many people with the issues that they have. i am also interested in seeing how this company will handle all of these problems though.

also seeing how poorly communicated this change to DMS from PL really does make me wonder whether or not it makes sense to commit to DMS in the longer term. maybe will get shafted like you and many others too.

regardless, DMS is pretty good. will be interesting to see how it will develop more because a lot of work needs to get done.


1 year ago on DMS Reviews & Roadmap


The learning curve for DMS (from being a very light and illiterate vintage PageLine user), I can say that picking up most of the documentation will take an hour and begin using is almost immediate. This is the first I think it's possible for other people to edit website content without having to explain how it all works. For what you pay for, it's probably by far the best tool that I've seen for WP.

In the future, it would be great if there were more stuff in the "Add Sections" components. Although there are quite a few out there with DMS out of the box, it would be nice to see much more in future releases.

For 1.0, it has exceeded my expectations. Will be interesting to see how far this can go.

1 year, 1 month ago on DMS Reviews & Roadmap