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Don't forget that FLCX brought you the #louisville2013foamparty, too.

9 months, 4 weeks ago on Florida Cyclocross Grows Up: New ’Cross Park Opens in Palm Bay



1 year, 12 months ago on It's Back: USGP Secures Funding, is on for 2012


I hope this goes through as I have already booked my hotel rooms for this event in Louisville on the posted dates. This also raises questions about the World Championships.

2 years ago on USGP Cyclocross Series Registration on Hold UPDATED - Trek Steps In to Save Series


This is great. I hope someone runs on the "Anti-Sandbag" ticket.

3 years ago on USA Cycling Board Election, Open Cyclocross Positions Announced; CXM Gets Out The Vote, Encourages Candidacy