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 @cyclocross @LukeLandis Crowds aren't the difficult part of this equation - we just find it extremely difficult to fork over the $3-4-500,000.00 necessary to operate a World Cup event. And as we saw from Louisville Worlds, you don;t get many of those euro federations willing to fund full teams

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I sure hope the myth that Roger was never a GC contender could get buried - does 4th in the 1975 Giro count as a contender? Roger raced for Brooklyn for a long time and the Giro was always a big target, after de Ronde and PR.


1 year, 9 months ago on 1975 Cyclocross World Champion Roger De Vlaeminck’s Bike


Adam - spot on - my error on looking at old UCI archives. That's the hazard of relying on fingers to do my counting! The New England series was at 6 in 2003 and retains the title as the country's Premier region for 'cross - Gloucester has over 1,700 athletes already pre-registered and the event is a month away. They don't call it "Holy Week" for nothing and it truly is one of our National treasures.


We're looking at another season of dust - please forward all thoughts of wet weather 3,000 miles west 

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Steve, it's Northern California in the fall - they're out doing LOTS of things on their own. They're going to the beach, they're at AYSO games, they're mowing the lawn, they're riding their bikes! We don;t get worried about lack of spectators - we organize our events for our customers - Cyclocross racers. If spectators come, super fine - if not - we're still racing. We may get more spectator-types at our night race next month - stay tuned for "Saturday Night @Sierra Point" Nov. 12th for the next Eye in the Sky view.

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3 years, 5 months ago on Cyclocross on Another Level: Video from a Bird’s Eye View of Racing at Candlestick Park