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Anton Stralman contract will be one that the owners will reference during the next lockout.  Stralman wasn't in the NHL if the Rangers a few seasons ago didn't get the injury bug on the back end.  You would think a guy would remember that.  I guess not.   Hockey is a business.  So if Starlman is getting 5 million per what do we give MCD when he is up?  

I really like Brian Boyle and way too many Rangers fans sh^t on him. I hate to see him go but we could find a serviceable replacement for less.  He is good guy and did everything he could do to help the Rangers and for that I say thank you.  

Zucc, quite simply a guy who gets it.  Playing with Brass and Puliot he was great.   Now reports come out he will take less money for more term to stay.  Love this guy!!!!!!

Puilot has been a disappointment his whole career until this year.  I get taking care of your family but realize what you have NY.  Good luck and goodbye.

Moore it sounds like they are way too close for this not get done.. He is very versatile and i want him back.

Hockey is a business and hopefully Slats will be responsible and not give the moon anyone.   Please do not handout any No Trade clauses.  Look at how it worked out for Vancouver on the Kessler trade.  Ottawa will not nearly get the full value for Spezza.  

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I thought at the beginning of the playoffs this team had a chance. Lundqvist was amazing and team in front of him looked great. AV deserves a ton of praise for what he has done.

Enough about Callahan. He was greedy and he deserved what he got. This team doesn't goto the finals with Cally. How about the swipe Richards took at Cally's leadership in the room on the way out. There was something going on with the beloved captain. Also the first round pick is pretty much a 2nd round know.

Looking forward to the Finals. Please everyone pick the West? This team has done pretty well being the underdog. June 4th cannot come fast enough.

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What a bad game last night. Right off the hop they looked bad. I give them credit for coming back but what bad effort. I am guessing Richards and MSL will make sure they are ready for game 6.

Moore hit was bad but he did get a 5 minute major for a phantom elbow. If Moore gets the same suspension as Prust it is a joke. What about Ellers hit from behind on Zucc? If Zucc didn't get hands up, his face would have met the dasher.

I am so sick of hearing Canadians whine about calls. The Canadians take there cue from there whining coach. The call on Plekanec was a great call, I loved watching Plekanec check his face and then be escorted to the penalty box with the look on his "face what did I do". I also liked when Nash was pushed into the goalie the Canadians where penalized. I understand they are protecting the goalie but 9-10 times the offensive of player is pushed into the goalie.

Lundqvist had a clunker but that is ok because he is going to bounce back with his best game of the playoffs and the team in front of lundqvist wasn't much better. The Talbot move was the right one but boy did he look rusty. Giving Hank a rest was a good idea.

Looking forward to Thursday but I am nervous.

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Cannot wait for tonight.  Part of me wants to go out but the other part will stay home because things have worked out while watching at home.  

Boyle is getting the first goal tonight.   

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@LanceGold1 @SmellyKisio  The point is he may be dirty but he will drop his gloves and take on all challengers. Lucic is a bad dude that I would take on my team any day.  Montreal could whine all they want about his antics, just get someone to stand up to him and he will stop.

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I am so over Callahan.  He really isn't going to sign with the Rangers because of $750k a year.  Paging Captain Callahan " you are a captain of original six team in the greatest city in the world".  I totally understand $750 X 6 = 4.5 MILLION.  Good luck in Bufallo and enjoy your extra long summers with that squad.  Winning in NY is like no other ask Derek Jeter.  

7 months, 3 weeks ago on If Rangers Can't Re-sign Callahan By Trade Deadline They May Not Deal Him

@josh930 Cally should get 5.5 a year for 6 years.  I totally get Cally plays all three zones and will do anything to win.  He needs to be realistic so the rangers could add some parts and not be hamstrung by a stupid contract.  I think there is no doubt if they cannot get something done he is gone.  

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This going to be Brendon Dubinsky all over again.  The only difference is Torts held a grudge against Dubi so he never got a fair shake in NYC after the contract issue.  I am hoping AV will understand this business.  

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